About the show

Igno Rants on College Football is a light-hearted podcast focusing primarily on the SEC, with particular emphasis on Auburn and Alabama. Carey and Jeremy, your two Igno Rant hosts, are brothers — but that hasn’t stopped them from taking up opposite sides in the Magnolia State’s ongoing civil war. While listeners may occasionally be surprised to hear in-depth football analysis, they are more likely to tune in for the off-beat humor, wildly illogical picks, satirical ads and callers, and the general picking on of Deep Fried Football.

Igno Rants is released twice a week during football season: a 40-60 minute show on Monday mornings and a 20 minute predictions show on Friday mornings. The show also has an active presence on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).


Jeremy-gladiatorJeremy grew up in a loving, devoted Bama home. Somehow he managed to lose his way, getting involved in many forms of questionable and self-destructive behavior: selling koala fur on the black market, taking up the pan flutes, and — of course — pulling for the WarTigerPlainsEagleMen.


House Prah-cessHis high I.Q. was no match for his parent’s brainwashing from birth, Carey’s mind has been turned to a crimson mush. It has never been fully understood why a family just miles down the road from Auburn University would so strongly oppose the family-oriented school, but he’s got too much Bama in him now to ever be turned back to the light side. His fear of Auburn has led to anger, and his anger has led to hate. His hate has led him to suffering, which may have reached its climax in late November 2013.