College Football

Success breeds misery…

13 Oct , 2013  

Well, Auburn cracked the Top-25 thanks to some transitive-property evaluations of their 1 quality win (Ole Miss).  In typical Auburn fashion, they immediately launch into their persecution complex mode:


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Week 7 Shortcast: Ready for the weekend

11 Oct , 2013  

Gentle Listener,

We have heard the multitudinous cries.  Yea, your tweets and likes and plus-ones have spoken to our very souls.  And so we have broken 2 full weeks’ worth of tradition to bring you this: a shortcast, so that you may gird yourself with Igno Rant wisdom for the weekend.

Also, it was a slow Thursday night.

College Football

Expose: Why Clowney sat

7 Oct , 2013  

Jadeveon Clowney made news last weekend when he announced to the South Carolina coaches that he wouldn’t be playing.  The Igno Rants intrepid spies journalists managed to definitively determine why.

"I am the one who sacks"

Clowney can shake off 300-pound blockers, but not the draw of catching up on “Breaking Bad”.

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College Football

Week 6 podcast: Upset alert letdown

7 Oct , 2013  

Well, we almost had some delicious upsets this week, but the better team managed to find a way to pull out the victory.  Excepting Ole Miss, of course.

  • Auburn fails to fail
  • Bama succeeds against Ga State
  • Tennessee punishes Georgia with their unis
  • Hot seats, POTW, and…more callers!

Also, I throw Jeremy under the bus in the show editing.  So there’s that to look for…


Who ya got – Week 6

5 Oct , 2013  

Games of interest:

  • Arkansas at Florida (Fla -11) — I’ll take the Piggies and the points here.  The Wild Baconators played aTm pretty tough, and Florida is vulnerable.
  • Ole Miss at Auburn (UM -2.5) — The Ackbars by 10, as Auburn commits 4 turnovers for the day.
  • Washington at Stanford (Stan -7) — Stanford makes a statement game on their way to winning the PAC12.  Or they Clemson this game to a pretty good Washington team.  One of those two, for sure.  Put your money on it.
  • Georgia State at Alabama — Alabama wins 35-7 on the strength of 5 punt returns for TD.

College Football

Week 5: Where Da Defenses At?

30 Sep , 2013  

Here’s your SEC recap for this week:

  • LSU and George went toe-to-toe, face-to-face, knee-to-groin
  • Alabama put together an almost complete game (and 1 controversial hit)
  • Auburn didn’t embarrass themselves in a bye week

Plus, listen within the next 15 minutes and get these bonus rants:

  • Who the hell hires Lane Kiffin?
  • WTF with West B.G. Virginia and the BigXII (10)
  • Playoff picks and Headsman front-runner

College Football

Hurry Up, No Huddle

20 Sep , 2013  

Our first podcast!  Well, shit.  There goes the neighborhood.  On Auburn’s loss to LSU and Bama’s ugly win, plus a whole bunch o’ rabbit trails.


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