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Bring ’em back!

29 Aug , 2016  

by Ant Pruitt

The coaches of today take a lot of heat from their respective employers. Rightfully so when they’re being paid a gazillion dollars a year. The college football head coach of today is far cry from the coaching greats of yore. I long for the days of coaches being an energetic coach (even as an assistant) that bucked pussyfooting of media outlets and pansy wannabe ball players. Bring these coaches back!

Don’t get me wrong, there are college football coaches on the sidelines that have done an amazing job with wins and losses. I’m looking beyond wins and losses. I’m looking at the days where a coach would grab a player by the facemask and drag him off the field for a mental lapse during play they way Jimbo Fisher shows here.


I’m looking for more coaches like Nick Saban telling his national caliber football team they “ain’t shit” in practice. I’m looking for coaches like Steve Spurrier that believed there’s no mercy for a defense they can’t stop the 15-yard dig route.

In addition to being the coach and father figure, the coach of today has to be a psychologist. Gone are the days of recruiting lures being a trip to the locker room or through The Grove. Now you have to Tweet, Snap and DM like some kid born in the 1990s to recruit. Now you have to deal with kids wanting to have more wristbands at their disposal. Never mind the fact that the kid doesn’t even wear said wristbands on HIS WRISTS.  

Fortunately, people like Saban and Fisher have a pretty strong foothold with their employers and fan base and don’t have to succumb to some of the foolishness from today’s athlete. Dabo Swinney is a coach that’s been able to tap into the psyche of today’s athlete. He’s one of the few to get it right by adding a balance of “I’ll dance with you after a win,” as well as send a hot player home from the conference championship for being a selfish idiot.

Remember Joe Kines? Where would he fit in today’s coaching world?

Joe Kines

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Remember this epic halftime “interview?”

I like to think there’s always a place for coaches like Kines, Swinney and Saban.  Today’s athlete and boosters don’t make it easy for coaches today, for sure.

What are you thoughts?


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3 Responses

  1. Carey says:

    An interesting take, considering your team has a HC that dances and does pizza parties. Hmmmmm.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Long live Muschamp

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