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Championship Week Pickcast: Howling at the moon

2 Dec , 2016  

Look, y’all. We’re going to be straight with you.  There are some good games (on paper) scheduled for this weekend, but not the SEC Championship Game. This isn’t 2008/2009 when the Bama/Florida matchup effectively was the semifinal.  

And if the pigskin pundits are to be believed, it doesn’t matter if Bama wins the SEC Championship Game anyhow (in terms of their getting to the Playoffs).  For that matter, the B1G Championship Game is also somewhat meaningless, as is Bedlam.  Sure, we get the value of the games to the fan bases, just not to getting into the playoffs — if the CFP Committee rankings are to be believed.

So you’ll forgive your two Igno Rant hosts for going a bit off script tonight as we wend our way through the games of note. Bring a bag of Golden Flakes and settle in for the ride!

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