Championship Weekend Pickcast: the plot thickens

6 Dec , 2013  

And here we go! The conferences with championship games will crown their victors this weekend, and several have national title implications.  Jeremy and Carey take you through each and make their useless picks.

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5 Responses

  1. Ronnie (Elder-rant) Head says:

    Guess I better get this in before game time. Here it is!
    Missouri will upset Auburn in a close one: 27-24
    Michigan State will upset Ohio State: 31-21
    Florida State will run over Duke: 42-20 (Hoping otherwise)
    Oklahoma will upset Oklahoma State: 35-31 (losing this one already)
    Arizona State upsets Stanford: 21-20
    Texas upsets Baylor: 31-24

    That’s a lot of upsets

  2. Ronnie Head says:

    Is 3 out of 6 the Igno-Average?

  3. Jeremy Head says:

    Looks like you’re the one who should be upset with picks like those

  4. Shane Fussell says:

    Well again guys great job on the podcast. I must say I have enjoyed this season with the bold predictions. Looks like you guys will have to take up Baseball, or cover the Olympics. Nah do baseball and basket weaving for the SEC. Thanks again for all the hard work that is put into these. (CHAZER-RANT)

    • Carey says:

      Thanks so much. You obviously have low standards! I think we will gear up for the World Cup… I love making fun of soccer.

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