Crootin’ 2014

4 Feb , 2014  

Well hey there folks!  Remember us?  Your two favorite IgnoRant brothers?  We’ve given the dust time to settle from the 2013 College Football year, but it’s time now to dive back in and this time it’s to take a look at newest members joining our favorite teams.  These will hopefully be the names we’re gonna get to know and scream from the tops of our lungs for the next few  years.

As always, there’s usually going to be some signing day drama.  We all know it’s possible for one or two guys to flip to the rival on signing day.  Plus there’s usually some nice surprises that get added at last minute.  You never know what to expect.  Will Alabama finish #1?  Can Auburn hold on to Roc Thomas? And which team will land Rashaan Evans?  We’re going to find out tomorrow!

We won’t cover it up to the minute like all the other guys out there with all that energy (and a paycheck to do so), but you can be sure to find a good rant or two devoted to National Signing Day right here on Igno-Rants.com.  Make sure to read up on all our posts and get those questions and comments sent in to us in time for the podcast coming soon.


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