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Dye-abolical: Racist, Sexist, or Just Plain Sensible?

8 Oct , 2013  

IMG_1106Seems Pat Dye is up to his old drunken self still.  Wait, he didn’t say anything racist or sexist?  You say he only made a point that Rice shouldn’t have been nominated to the Bowl Selection Committee because she’s never so much as played a down of football?  The heck you say?

Well, Patrick…it doesn’t happen too often, but I’ll come to your aid.  I too believe that the Bowl Selection Committee should be comprised of ONLY former coaches and players.  So go ahead (Dennis Dodd) and run to support Rice and all of her credentials (which are impressive).  Tell us she’s extremely intelligent.  Tell us she’s extremely well spoken. Tell us she’s extremely good at strategic planning.  Tell us she’s a football fan. Tell us her dad was a high school coach and put a football in her crib.

We know if this were about a Presidential Election she would be a front runner, but this isn’t a political race so do us a huge favor and keep politicians and media members out of the committee.

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