13 Feb , 2014  

We’ve got more news coming from the NCAA and this time they’re looking at slowing the game down. Yep. They try to fix one bad rule but then they look to create a new one. Apparently Lord Saban’s disgust for the up tempo offenses has been heard and noted.

A new proposal is in now to keep offenses from snapping the ball until 10 seconds have run off the 40 second clock. If a team snaps the ball early, a 5 yard penalty is enforced.

This is all supposedly being done for the sake of player safety. The idea is that more plays equals more injuries. Now I don’t know about y’all but that’s pretty absurd to me. How many plays per game does a player get injured on? So what’s adding 10-15 more plays? I’m curious to see the injury rate for up tempo teams versus traditional teams. I’m pretty sure this isn’t so much for injury as it is for traditionalist wanting to “protect the game”.

Like my good friend Scott Newman tweeted last night “Auburn had a WR injured in a game where it was raining so for player safety I propose that NO game be played unless conditions are perfect.”

The game is changing and frankly I’m a fan. It’s exciting. I love a good defensive game as much as the next fan, but I also love seeing teams move quicker. I can’t stand a slow game. A fast pace game can make a bad game seem just a little better.

Hey! It’s footbaw! People get hurt! Be tough!

–Jeremy Head

2 Responses

  1. Carey Head says:

    Oh, yes. Let’s ignore the fact that the rules of football are changed frequently, and that the current offense-friendly setup was a CHANGE from the D-heavy football of yore.

    Used to be, you could hit a QB high or low. You could hit him if he slid. You could jam receivers down the field. You could head-slap an offensive lineman to get past him.

    No doubt, those changes were not **REALLY** about safety, but just to favor offensive coordinators who didn’t want to adjust to reality of strong, innovative defenses.


    • Jeremy Head says:

      I’m pretty sure protecting a quarterback with his eyes downfield was a safety decision. Defenders are still allowed to jam a receiver at the line but not downfield. The helmet slap? Yeah that was just good football. Targeting can be a good penalty if it’s enforced correctly. The way it has been lately cripples a defense no doubt. But all these things are in-play issues that are MEANT to protect players. Slowing down an offense from snapping the ball just to give the defense a chance to adjust seems about as fun as putting a restrictor plate on a NASCAR.

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