College Football

Jimbo Fisher Job Hunting on the way to the Proctologist

17 Sep , 2016  

By: Bill Bennett

Jimbo Fisher, walking on his tip toes and wincing in pain after being savagely raped by Bobby Petrino’s offense, is on the way to the doctor for an ass check. In the meantime, he has called his agent. “That sleazy prick Pertrino beat the shit out of us. I feel like he drove his motorcycle up my ass. Get me the hell out of here! Get LSU on the phone and this time don’t call collect. Tell them to can that ass gasket Miles. I can be there first thing in the morning. And don’t be such a dick this time. Tell them I will take the job for 6 million if they throw in a cheerleader. If you can’t pull that off, get North Carolina State on the phone.”

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