College Football

Les Miles Thought Below Par Was a Good Thing

4 Sep , 2016  

By: Bill Bennett

Les Miles thought below par was a good thingLes Miles confessed, “I messed up. I thought the winning team had the lowest score.” “Joe, (LSU Athletic Director), ripped my face off saying, “That’s golf you frigging moron.” Cam Cameron, who was busy kissing Les’ ass, had a mouthful and couldn’t speak. 

Les, chuckling to himself, said, “After those assholes tried to dump me last year, I vowed to get even. My plan was to sign another top 5 recruiting class and coach them down to a high school level. Mission accomplished.”

Cyanide pills and loaded revolvers will be distributed to the tens of fans that will come to Death Valley, renamed “Pussy Galore,” to watch the Bayou Bengal offensive juggernaut face Division 2 Jacksonville State on Saturday.

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