Let’s hear some rants people

4 Nov , 2013  

Oregon vs Stanford and Oklahoma vs Baylor starts Thursday. Then we get Alabama vs LSU and Auburn vs Tennessee on Saturday. Let’s hear what you think about any or all of these games or any others for that matter. Tweet at us @IgnoRantTalk , post a comment on our Facebook page, post in the comment section below, or best of all, call the RANTLINE: 26 26 0RANT1. That’s a real phone number folks. We’ll mention your picks in the show!

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4 Responses

  1. Ant Pruitt says:

    PAC 10 or whatever it’s called now is better to watch in my opinion. So entertaining and the teams mix it up. It ain’t all Oregon as you’d like to think. Stanford could bust the ducks in their heads.

    Not sure what to think of OU and Baylor, though. Is Baylor for real?

    -RAP, II

    • Carey says:

      It’s funny to read this after watching the Stanford/Oregon game, considering Stanford’s entire offense was 80% run behind the right guard. Besides, have you seen every A&M conference game?

  2. Ronnie Head says:

    Quick rant before game time! Baylor over Oklahoma, Stanford over Oregon, Alabama over LSU, Auburn over Tennessee, more later.

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