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Mine is bigger than yours

18 Aug , 2016  

by Ant Pruitt

We all know that college football prides itself on traditions and fanfare. Another thing beloved fans enjoy bragging on are stadiums. “Hey Billy, your stadium sucks! It’s so tiny!” Yeah, the college football fan suffers from a bizarre inferiority complex. Sadly, it really shouldn’t have to worry about the “mine is bigger than yours” argument but it continues to fall into that dark hole.

But Ant, size matters!

Uh, no. Stadium size doesn’t matter, folks. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something magical about walking into a stadium with 80-100,000 people on one accord wanting their team to beat the crap outta the visiting team. Doak Campbell stadium holding over 90,000 drunken Seminole fans can be pretty intimidating on any given Saturday. Except for that time the Baptist Demon Deacons of tiny private school Wake Forest University flew in for a match. Totin’ scripture and a misdirection-based offense, Wake Forest crucified Florida State to the tune of 30-0. Oh did I mention that Wake Forest plays in front of about 30 fans each weekend at home? Ok, I exaggerated. It’s more like 40. (Just kidding) I wonder what the faithful ‘Noles fans were saying about their glorious stadium after that loss.

Speaking of Wake Forest, the adequate BB&T Stadium has also caused a few headaches for “big boy schools” visiting them for a game. I remember it like it was yesterday. Tommy Bowden was attempting to cool off the hot seat as Clemson Tigers head football coach. Playing a nationally televised game on Thursday night was a great opportunity to right the ship and get back into good graces of the Clemson boosters. Riley Skinner and Wake Forest ran Clemson off of BB&T Field without breaking sweat. Coach Bowden returned back to the upstate of South Carolina and found a UHaul truck in his driveway.

What’s your favorite stadium to attend a college football game? Is it just your favorite team’s or do you enjoy other stadiums?  It’s ok if you enjoy others. No one here is going to call you a traitor. . .yet.


Ant is an aspiring digital content creator. He enjoys writing, photography and creating videos. When he's not creating content, he's enjoying family time as well as eating great food, drinking Scotch and attending Clemson football games.

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