My Top 5 Auburn Plays

26 Nov , 2013  

For every single one of these plays, I can recall right where I was at the time.  These are the biggest Auburn plays according in my mind.  Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below.

5:  The Heisman Run, Cam Newton vs LSU — 2010

Every Heisman has that moment when you say “that was the Heisman winning play”.  This was the moment for me.   Cam Newton doing what he does.

4:  Wes Byrum beats Florida….Twice — 2007

Auburn drove to within Field Goal range to try and upset the Florida Gators.  As Wes Byrum’s kick sails through the uprights, the officials signal there was a time out.  Urban Meyer called a time out just before the snap attempting to rattle Byrum.  The freshman answered by calmly lining right back up and nailing the kick once again.

3: Michael Dyer’s run to the goal line — 2010

I thought about putting the actual game winning field goal kick here, but it was just a kick. Yes it was a play that sent me almost through the roof, but it wasn’t a big play in itself.  The run by dyer is what got Auburn inside field goal range and from this play on, I pretty much knew  that Auburn would win the National Championship.

2:  Miracle in Jordan-Hare –2013

Auburn allowed Georgia to come back from a 20 point deficit and take the lead, forcing the Tigers to put together a drive to at least get a field goal.  It seemed very possible but after picking up a quick first down, Auburn started collapsing on itself.  on 4th and 18 in a last ditch effort Marshall heaves the ball up and ricochets off of two defenders and lands in Ricardo Louis’ hands to set up the biggest Iron Bowl in history.

1:  Campbell to Taylor TD catch to beat LSU –2004

This game was early in the season but it was the last time an opponent would have the lead on Auburn the rest of the year.  I thought it was going to be another typical Auburn season of 9-10 wins while they struggled with LSU, but the ’04 Tigers never looked back from here on.

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