College Football

NCAA to Possibly Fix it’s Stupidity

12 Feb , 2014  

At least one of the stupid rules in college football might be on it’s way out. The NCAA has proposed to take out the 15 yard penalty for targeting if the replay officials overturn the targeting call. That’s right, it didn’t make much sense last year to have a penalty called on your team for targeting, then the replay official overturn the call on the field, yet have the 15 yard penalty remain. I mean WTH?

Who’s idea was it to leave the penalty even if the call was overturned? I can see the penalty staying in cases of an actual penalty being called along with targeting like say a late hit out of bounds and the ref also called for targeting. The targeting might be overturned but the late hit of course stands. That makes perfect sense. But in cases of just a targeting call I have no clue how it was made sense to leave the penalty even after the call was overturned. It was a dumb move to have it in the first place but at least they are in the process of fixing it.

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