College Football

Week 12 Recap: It’s NOT a hail mary

19 Nov , 2013  

Oh look, it’s a free touchdown.  Sweet.

Auburn-Beats-Georgia-220x130This week’s podcast is late, we admit it.  We had an Igno-Rant kid in the operating room Sunday night, and forgot to get the recap out to you.

The kid is doing fine.  This podcast, though, is as bad as ever.

This week, we discuss

  • the Miracle at Jordan-Hare
  • Sloppy times in Starkville (this could also be the title of a lost 80’s John Cusack movie)
  • Top 25 action, including an upset pick apiece correct!
  • Hot seat, Top 4, and POTW
  • EPIC Eli Gold vs. Ron Bramblett throw-down!

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Week 12 pickcast: Going out on a limb (and hearing it crack)

14 Nov , 2013  

BAKERThrowing this thing out a day early so that Carey’s prescient prediction obvious joke regarding the Thursday night game is forever chiseled in digital stone.

The Igno Rant boys also talk Bama, Auburn, South Carolina/Florida, and have three more upset picks besides!  Plus, special analysis from an Igno Rant sister, and a guest upset pick that’s sure to amaze!

College Football

Week 11: It’s a great day!

11 Nov , 2013  

happy sabanAh, what a great weekend of football.  Carey and Jeremy go through all the week’s action, including:

  • Auburn hits 9 wins (but the coaches still like Clemson better),
  • Bama manages to blow by LSU despite having a defective Saban model,
  • Oregon and Miami slip up,
  • Vanderbilt (!),
  • New and revised hot seats and top 4!


Week 11 Predictions: An all Bama/Auburn weekend!

8 Nov , 2013  

Two of the four games of interest have already been played (though after we recorded the podcast), so you get tons of Bama and Auburn discussion!  Here’s our picks for the games of interest this week:

Jeremy Carey
Oregon/Stanford Oregon 38-24 Stanford 24-23
Oklahoma/Baylor Oklahoma 31-24 Baylor 45-28
Auburn/Tennessee Auburn 38-24 Auburn 27-14
Bama/LSU Bama 35-24 Bama 35-16


Let’s hear some rants people

4 Nov , 2013  

Oregon vs Stanford and Oklahoma vs Baylor starts Thursday. Then we get Alabama vs LSU and Auburn vs Tennessee on Saturday. Let’s hear what you think about any or all of these games or any others for that matter. Tweet at us @IgnoRantTalk , post a comment on our Facebook page, post in the comment section below, or best of all, call the RANTLINE: 26 26 0RANT1. That’s a real phone number folks. We’ll mention your picks in the show!

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College Football

Week 10 recap: Everybody wins! (Take a seat, Miami)

4 Nov , 2013  

Well, another weekend went by and things pretty much turned out the way we expected.  If only ObamaCare were so predictable (Zing! Pow!).

Still, there’s plenty for you to listen to and disagree with, as Jeremy and Carey dissect the weekend’s action:

  • Auburn hands Bert a big ol’ handful of STFU and a fake injury
  • Projecting Auburn’s chances of making the big game
  • Our favorite kids show serenades the FAU Owls!


Week 10 previewcast: Post-sugar rush

1 Nov , 2013  

Maybe it was the tootsie rolls.  Maybe it was the tiny boxes of Nerds.  Or perhaps it was misplaced anger at the woman two doors down who gives out kettle corn in saran wrap.

In any event, here are our guaranteed to lose you money picks for this weekend.


Week 10 Poll: Where y’at?

31 Oct , 2013  

Not a lot of interesting games inside the SEC, given that the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is being contested by two unranked teams this year.



BREAKING NEWS: Swinging-Gate….Gate

30 Oct , 2013  


***Updates will be provided as fast as they come in***

All we know at this point is the Barn cheats.  Bottom line.  This time, it’s with game film.  Apparently they have chosen to only provide a closer-in angle of a two point conversion formation (that they have ran all season long) for Brett Bielema and the Razorbacks to study.  This does NOT provide enough detail for Arkansas to properly dissect such a complex alignment.  Obviously the Coach thinks the game will come down to that extra point.

That’s only half the fun though! It seems that the only violation as of yet is that Coach Bielema discussed this with the media.  Ooops! It’s obviously all part of his master plan though.   Bielema has been on a crusade to save the lives of college football players nationwide who are dying weekly at the hands of the overly physical hurry-up offenses run by the likes of The Barn’s infamous Gustvo Malzahn.  We salute him in his attempts to do anything and everything within his power to distract the Cheatin’ Tigers and their evil coach from killing even one more innocent CFB player.

Hopefully the SEC and the NCAA will step in and help break apart this deadly combination forming on The Plains between the Evil Genius and his talented but diabolical minions.  Something must be done….in a hurry.

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Y’all spread the word now, ya hear?

28 Oct , 2013  

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