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Week 9 Recap: Where’s the excitement at?

28 Oct , 2013  

alabama-tennessee-victory-cigars-570x379Except for one outstanding SEC game, it was pretty much dullsville this past weekend. ┬áThere’s still plenty to discuss on the podcast, though, including:

  • The new SEC East breakdown
  • Updated top 4 teams
  • An old standby for the hotseat
  • Plus, a special musical guest!


Week 9 Shortcast: Christmas Trees on Crack

25 Oct , 2013  

stanford-cardinal-mascotHere’s your instant affirmation of the week: Listen to our podcast and feel better about yourself right away! Jeremy and Carey go over the week’s big games (plus Auburn vs. FAU) in the Week 9 Shortcast!


  • Mascot asides
  • Crazy upset picks
  • The most efficient way to 25 points


Thursday Poll: MSU vs Kentucky

24 Oct , 2013  


Week 9 Poll: The next upset

23 Oct , 2013  


Week 8: the Dubya Tee Eff edition

21 Oct , 2013  

We’re still reeling from the weekend’s games here in the Igno Rants studios. In fact, every time we read this, it makes our heads hurt:


Week 8 Shortcast: These games are in the bag

18 Oct , 2013  

Your Igno Rant hosts pick this weekend’s games, including:

  • Auburn vs Texas A&M
  • Alabama vs Arkansas
  • Remaining SEC games
  • Some other games of minor interest outside the SEC (isn’t there a game in South Carolina?)


What If……?

17 Oct , 2013  

If…..IF Auburn somehow pulls out the win on Saturday, they will improve to 6-1. Given the fact they’re playing FAU the following week it’s safe to say they would go on to be 7-1. Auburn would suddenly become big time favorites over Arkansas and Tennessee. It’s easy to believe they could win both those games and then be…..9-1.
If Georgia continues playing the way they have, Auburn would then be favorites in that game as well. 10-1?
AND THEN……hosting Alabama in Jordan-Hare. This season has already turned out much better than national pundits have predicted, but could Auburn be on the brink of finishing the season in the top 10? Just food for thought.

Can Auburn go beyond the "rebuilding season" and finish in the top 10?

Can Auburn go beyond the “rebuilding season” and finish in the top 10?

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Poll Question for week 8

16 Oct , 2013  

Jeremy is under the impression that Auburn “is not going to be blown out by anyone this year”. ┬áHis definition of a blowout is a loss by 21 points or more.

College Football

Bonus blown prediction: It’s in the bag, baby.

14 Oct , 2013  

An alert (or at least not not comatose) listener pointed out that Jeremy has a bold prediction from last week that’s worth revisiting:


College Football

Week 7 Podcast: All goes as expected

14 Oct , 2013  

It was a week late, but we finally got our upsets. Jeremy and Carey break down all the games of interest, including Bama and Auburn, plus a big ol’ argument about Auburn’s chances next week at aTm.


  • A special celebrity guest visits the show
  • Some singing
  • New sponsors!