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Week 11 Recap: Whelp. So that happened…

14 Nov , 2016  

This is why we love college football. And why we drink ourselves into needing an artificial liver because of college football. What more can we say? It’s all in the podcast audio (above).

  • Clemson and Michigan still control their own destiny (probably), but Ohio State may have gotten screwed with the Michigan loss.
  • Washington, Louisville, Oklahoma all holding their breath and hoping for a wild finish to the season.
  • Bama clinches the SEC West and also finds out that Jalen Hurts can actually pass the ball.
  • Auburn’s coaching on offense is as mind-bending as a Christopher Nolan marathon.

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The Week 11 Pickcast is unclenching in stages

11 Nov , 2016  

We’re in the back quartile of the regular season, and the pressure is building for many teams. Will they let all that pent-up anxiety out in one ignominious game like Texas A&M, or will they have the constitution to ride the toilet for the long haul?  That sentence will make much more sense after you’ve listened to this week’s GLORIOUS podcast, with special insight (it’s good, it’s so good you’re gonna love it, but we’re not gonna tell you what it is, but it’s tremendous) on:

  • Washington / USC
  • LSU / Arkansas
  • Bama / Miss St
  • Auburn / Georgia

Don’t forget to listen, like, and share!

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 10 Recap: The Schedules of Destiny

7 Nov , 2016  

With Week 10 in the books, and the second CFP rankings coming out tomorrow, it seems clear that five teams have a clear path to the playoffs by winning out: Bama, Clemson, Washington, and Michigan / Ohio State. The case for a two-loss SEC-champ Auburn to get in is there, but it’s also a lot less clear (how would the committee evaluate 2-loss Auburn against Louisville, especially with the rest of the SEC starting to fall apart and bringing down Auburn’s SOR?).

Time will tell, of course, and there’s much in the way of football to be played that could upset the Apple (Cup) cart. Wisconsin could finally find its identity and win the B1G CG. Washington could falter down the home stretch.

But for now, let’s bask in the glory of our respective wins, over our respective foes, with the respective perspective to be gained from each, including:

  • Some gloating from Carey about being correct on how both the Bama and Auburn games would play out.
  • Does Coach Orcherwahn deserve a shot at the big job?
  • If you can have moral victories after a loss, can you have moral losses with a win (ahem, cough cough Vandy cough)?

Listen to all this AND MORE in this week’s Igno Rant Weekly Recap. Then share!  Then vote on Tuesday, cry in the shower over the state of our political system, buy some ice cream and eat it with Jameson and Bailey’s, and –finally!– share the podcast one more time.

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 10 Pickcast: Off track

4 Nov , 2016  

Year Three of the College Football Playoffs isn’t going according to our historic script. We should be wringing our hands over the large number of undefeateds still in play.  Instead, we’re left with a Saturday in November that won’t add much to the muddled picture of one-loss (and two-loss?) teams in the first CFP top 10.

Though the Bama/LSU promises to be an interesting matchup, what else is going on this weekend that compelling viewing? Certainly not the Suicide Squad extended version Blu-Ray.

Let’s figure all that out together, shall we? Listen to this week’s podcast, leave us a comment online, and share with your friends & neighbors!

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 9 Recap: CFP Rush Hour

31 Oct , 2016  

The two-lane blacktop that serves as the only ingress to the College Football Playoffs — that suburban, gated community of college football’s top 1% — is suddenly in a bit of a traffic jam. Typically at this time of year, we wring our hands over the number of unbeaten teams still in contention.  And yet, even though BaylorWest VirginiaNebraska, and Boise State all had their first sad bus ride of the season… things seem even more confused than before.

Yes, we have THE BIG FOUR unbeatens (Bama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington). And if they win out, then this will be the easiest job the CFP Committee has had yet.  But…should one or more falter, we then start the process of determining the best one (or two) loss team(s) ready to step in.

Is it:

  • One loss Louisville (with a quality loss to Clemson) or Texas A&M (with a slightly less quality loss to Bama)?
  • One loss aOSU, with an eye scratching fall to Penn State? Florida, whose sole failure was to now-flailing Tennessee?
  • What about two-loss, but very hot, Wisconsin or Auburn?

We don’t discuss any of that crap in today’s episode, but we will get into civil engineering and traffic faux pas, so buckle up, listen, comment, and share!

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 9 Pickcast: Letting the rest of the league have a turn

28 Oct , 2016  

While we’re not ready to say there aren’t any good games in the SEC this weekend, with Bama on a BYE week, Florida looking stale, and Ole Miss / Georgia tanking like General Patton — it’s on Auburn to be the conference standard-bearer.

Top 25 games around the nation include:

  • Washington State / Utah
  • Nebraska / Wisconsin
  • West By Gawd / Okie State
  • Clemson / Florida State

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 8 Recap: They are who some of us thought they were

24 Oct , 2016  

Few things in life are as satisfying as being RIGHT (one of those is winning 4 titles in 7 years).  Jeremy believed in his beloved Tigers, and they showed up in a big way against the buffet warriors of Arkansas. They have turned things around and become a legit top-25 team.  Happy?

Auburn gave Bert more runs than a late-night trip to Taco Bell.

Auburn gave Bert more runs than a late-night trip to Taco Bell.

  • Houston falls again (Jeremy called it)
  • Ole Miss ain’t all that (Jeremy knew it pre-season)
  • Ohio State falls, finally (didn’t Jeremy once ask “who have they played?”)
  • Oregon is in free fall (Jeremy had a dream once that was a metaphor for that happening).

Also: Bama overwhelmed another top-10 opponent.  Yawn, I guess.

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 8 Pickcast: Low down on the showdown in the West

21 Oct , 2016  

It’s high noon in the dusty streets of the SEC West.  The cowbellers are busy watching, terrified, from the seedy apothecary as the bad hombres of Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss step out for college football’s version of gunfight at the OK Corral.

Jeremy & Carey make some BOLD, BOLD predictions this week, nearly making up for their long drought.  I mean, this is the muddy cactus whisky of bold predictions: strong, cheap, and liable to make you look stupid.

Check it all out in the podcast; and don’t forget to comment and share!

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 7 Recap: Light ’em up… or just squeak by

17 Oct , 2016  

If you’re not Alabama, you either lost or won a squeaker this weekend. Let Jeremy and Carey take you through how it all breaks down: from NC State’s adoption of the Adam Griffith School of Field Goals to Mark Richt bringing the “big game” mentality to the U.

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 7 Pickcast: A whole lotta hate to go around

14 Oct , 2016   Video

The LSU/Florida lovers’ spat threatened to overshadow Tennessee Hate Week, but here we are at the Third Saturday in October. Outside of this game, there’s a couple of other top-25 matchups with OSU/Wisconsin and Ole Miss/Arkansas.

Listen to the boys make ’em their picks!

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