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Success breeds misery…

13 Oct , 2013  

Well, Auburn cracked the Top-25 thanks to some transitive-property evaluations of their 1 quality win (Ole Miss).  In typical Auburn fashion, they immediately launch into their persecution complex mode:


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8 Responses

  1. Jeremy Head says:

    And Alabama’s quality win is…..what? aTm? Ha!

  2. Jeremy Head says:

    Ole Miss is NOT a quality win. They’re 3-3 for crying out loud.

  3. Jeremy Head says:

    I never said auburn had one. We’re about quantity, not quality

  4. Ronnie Head says:

    Now children. ALL wins are quality! As a great sportscaster once said…..”on any given Saturday…”. In a few years, no one will recall who you played, only your record. I don’t like the term “quality win” or “style points”. Just wanted to share my igno-rants.

  5. Jeremy Head says:

    He started it

  6. Ant Pruitt says:

    oh my this is sad (lol)

    -RAP, II

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