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Rivalry Week (a.k.a., Bama wins again) Recap

28 Nov , 2016  

Somebody was feeling pretty smug about most of his Iron Bowl prediction (we’ll chalk his 30-point margin up to an excess of cheap Thanksgiving port). There’s so much to talk about, from Auburn’s inability to stop the Tide, to Alabama’s unforced errors, to Auburn’s biggest injury being coaching temperament.

Join us for a podcast of joy and excitement!

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Weekly Recap

Iron Bowl Recap: 22 minutes of domination

1 Dec , 2014  

Down by twelve after 35 minutes of game time, Blake Sims pulled out his can o’ spinach and turned the formerly-hapless Tide into a team that finally played like national title contenders, thoroughly dominating Auburn for the next 22:22 of the third and fourth quarters.

Details inside, plus:

  • Agreement on Nick Marshall’s stellar performance
  • Disagreement on who gets the blame/credit for Auburn’s red-zone woes
  • The Great Garbage Time Debate of 2014


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