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Week 5 Recap: Better late than nev… Ah, heck, whatever. The SEC sucks.

4 Oct , 2017  

This flaming wagon of suck comes with a huge buyout!

With each new season, the college football talking heads like to jabber on about how we’re always surprised by the sport. Maybe it’s not so much of a surprise so much as an inevitability — like when you’re having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, and then that one cousin wants to talk about his moral stance on veganism — but the SEC has turned into a not-very-good conference overall.

Let’s face it: LSU, both Mississippi teams, Tennessee, SC, Vandy, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas A&M would make a decent replacement for the old Big East conference, in terms of skill, coaching, and current expectations.

At least we have Alabama & Auburn blowout wins to keep us warm and comfy.

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Week 5 Pickcast: One at a time outta be enough for any man

29 Sep , 2017  

With 1/3 of the season in the books, Igno Rants has hit mid-season form. Unfortunately, the slate of games for this weekend has not as arguably the best of the bunch starts at 10:30 ET on Friday night. There’s still much to discuss, carry on about, and general ballyhoo so crank up the ol’ podcast Victrola and settle in for a listen.

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Week 4 Recap: Just friggin’ content with the world

25 Sep , 2017  

It was a week when too many of the big boys struggled to look mighty against inferior opponents. Not so with Auburn and Alabama (and, OK, Georgia too, we suppose). Both on the scoreboard and statistically, these teams thoroughly dominated their SEC foe — thereby pleasing both Carey & Jeremy.

Yes, yes, yes. We know who they are, Missouri and Vanderbilt. But a flawless gem is still flawless even if you find it in a pawn shop.

Plus, a new weekly thought puzzle: Who’s not “safe” as an SEC Head Coach?

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Weekly Recap

Week 12 Recap: Sounds of a Sad Song

17 Nov , 2014  

There was a whole mess a’hurtin’ going on around college football this weekend, including:

  • Mississippi State’s finding out what it feels like to be a loser today.
  • Auburn on the receiving end of 16 tons (in the form of Chubb and Gurley) and what did they get? Another SEC loss and deeper in depression.
  • Jeremy Foley told Muschamp what he could do with his coaching job.
  • Miami tried, but you just can’t take down those boys livin’ like hustlers.

Also big laughs pointed toward Arizona State for taking on Oregon’s yearly choke, Notre Dame for proving all the haters correct, and TCU for nearly giving Kansas a reason to hope.

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