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One Frustrated Tiger

16 Sep , 2016  

by Ant Pruitt

Clemson (fortunately) defeated Troy to improve to 2-0 on this early college football season. As a Clemson fan, I should be over the moon, right? Well I’m not. I need to get this rant out of my system. I mean this is the igno-RANTS blog and all. Man I’m so frustrated!

Clemson celebrates an all-too-rare touchdown.

Clemson celebrates an all-too-rare touchdown. Image by Ant Pruitt

For starters, games set to kickoff prior to 3PM should be banned here in the south. Even in the month of November. BAN the early football games. First you have to battle with the heat and humidity. Next you have to battle with decreased tailgating time. I know we start our tailgating anywhere between 6 and 8AM. Not a lot of time to get “game ready” as a fan, in my opinion. Well. . .unless you start tailgating the day before.

In continuing my rant, I’ll actually discuss this week’s game. Clemson won the ballgame 30-24. It was a poorly played game from an offensive standpoint of the Tigers. It was well played by the men of Troy. As my son and I sat in the stadium frying eggs on my scalp, we couldn’t help but notice a lackluster effort that seemed to be shown from the offensive line. Clemson wide receivers seemed to have dropsalitis as passes were dropped just about every time. Granted the awesome Deshawn Watson didn’t always help the situation with bad tosses, but there were too many times the ball was flat out dropped by guys that boast being the best wide receivers in the nation.

I felt the kids needed a serious ass chewing from ol’ Dabo to get themselves back into gear.  Gameplay got better, but it was still pretty bad.

Lastly, let me share my two cents on the officials. You know it’s easy for most casual football fans to bitch and moan about football officiating when their team loses. My team didn’t lose this week, but the officiating was horrendous and affected BOTH teams. These guys must have worked on an hourly rate because the game lasted well into the 4 o’clock hour for no reason. So many official timeouts to set the clock or conference about a particular play. Yeah we as fans want the officials to make the right calls, but we don’t want the game’s pace to slow to a crawl. Sometimes the guys just seemed CLUELESS. How do you call an official’s timeout, resume play, then stop play before the snap because you never started the play clock? By far the worst officiating team I’ve witnessed this side of the Ron Cherry days.

Clemson won and deservedly dropped a few spots in the college rankings. The Tigers just didn’t look good against a lesser opponent. At least we’re currently 2-0 versus the state of Alabama. . . .


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Week 10 Pickcast: the weekend of the stereotypes

6 Nov , 2015  

This is a big one, y’all, and it could turn out to be the weekend that solidifies all the artificial storylines we like about football:

  • Can Mark Richt do just enough to hang on one more year?
  • Will Clemson be able to avoid Clemsoning?
  • Auburn or Texas A&M: which team can redeem a season of disappointment?
  • LSU vs. Alabama is once again the Game of the Year (in the SEC, at least)


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Weekly Recap

Week 8 Recap: Fallout Edition

26 Oct , 2015  

Let’s see… unranked and coach-less USC whooped up on previously unbeaten Utah, Clemson got Al Golden fired, FSU’s crazy ACC-win streak got done in by a Kick-6, Auburn’s defense is not playing like a Mus-CHAMP, and Bama just plain doesn’t like playing at home.

Yup. Makes sense.

DERP.  Let's make sure ever-body continues to blame the defense, m'kay?  Boom.

DERP. Let’s make sure ever-body continues to blame the defense, m’kay? Boom.

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College Football

Week 14 Recap: One more second, please

2 Dec , 2013  


Well, at least Carey was right about SJSU upending Fresno St.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Let’s just dive right in to the big game and find out what kind of Igno Rant analysis can make sense of the wildest, wackiest Iron Bowls ever.

Special Guest this week: Ant Pruitt!


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