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Week 12 Pickcast: All games are equal, but some are more equal than others

18 Nov , 2016  

We’ve reached the long, dull Sunday afternoon of college football: that time when you know Monday is around the corner, it’s technically still the weekend, but there’s nothing good on TV and frankly everyone feels like taking a nap because they overate at the post-church trip to Bonanza.

That’s right, it’s cupcake tune-up week. ¬†Except for you, LSU/Florida. This is a Sugar Bowl play-in, potentially. ¬†Outside of that makeup game, though… WOOF!

Still, big thanks to Louisville for getting the weekend started off on a fun note, though!



Week 13 Pickcast: Playin’ Those Bad Games

21 Nov , 2014  

Some call it a “tune up.” We call it lame.

In honor of these cupcake teams that somehow keep ruining our precious few college football weekends, and who only get talked about on game week, we compare each of the games this weekend to one-hit wonders of the musical world.


  • Bama Gumps and the Catamounts of Fire
  • Raw Doggin’ it, Auburn Style