College Football,Pickcast

Week 3 Pickcast: Forward Progress (or lack thereof)

15 Sep , 2017  

While the Gus Bus tries to stop devolving into an Oregon Trail disaster of misery and dysentery, Auburn gets a week of cupcake delights against Mercer. Likewise, Alabama tries to get healthy hosting the Rams of Colorado State.


Luckily, there’s some exciting action going on outside the Magnolia State. Check out Carey & Jeremy’s wishes for Bama and Auburn, plus their picks on Tenn/Fla, Louisville/Clemson, LSU/MSST, and Texas/USC!

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 11 Recap: Whelp. So that happened…

14 Nov , 2016  

This is why we love college football. And why we drink ourselves into needing an artificial liver because of college football. What more can we say? It’s all in the podcast audio (above).

  • Clemson and Michigan still control their own destiny (probably), but Ohio State may have gotten screwed with the Michigan loss.
  • Washington, Louisville, Oklahoma all holding their breath and hoping for a wild finish to the season.
  • Bama clinches the SEC West and also finds out that Jalen Hurts can actually pass the ball.
  • Auburn’s coaching on offense is as mind-bending as a Christopher Nolan marathon.

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