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25 Nov , 2016  

It’s Rivalry Week, y’all, so we left it all on the podcast table this episode! Tune in, and send us your thoughts via the website or Twitter!


College Football

Igno Rants on College Gameday

23 Nov , 2016   Video

Here at the Igno Rants on College Football, each day is special….but football Saturdays are more specialer.  Watching this YouTube video would make this Thanksgiving holiday the very most specialist.  So as we inch closer to the Iron Bowl, let’s take an inside look at they guys on game days.

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Weekly Recap

Iron Bowl Week Recap: Tired and Uninspired

1 Dec , 2015  

Ain’t it a friggin’ shame? Where is the joy and verve that should come with beating your biggest rival? Well, apart from El Tractorcito and the redemption of Adam Griffith, there wasn’t much to this Iron Bowl to be overly excited about.  Both teams played about as sloppy as the turf conditions.

Still, there’s plenty to discuss, as the circus-season of college football kicked into high gear with the firing of Mark Richt, plus Jeremy and Carey battle it out over how to properly pick a Top Four.

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Week 13 Pickcast: over-stuffed, under thought RIVALRY WEEK edition

27 Nov , 2015   Video

It’s time: we can finally stop hating on all those places that are playing Christmas music (cause it’s legal as of today), we get to enjoy turkey biscuits for breakfast, and we finally get to see who gets bragging rights for the year (spoiler alert: Bama fans).

Want to know what the most important games of the weekend are? Of course you do! If you had any original thoughts, you wouldn’t bother listening to this podcast. We give you the lowdown on how enjoyable each game is going to be by comparing them to traditional Thanksgiving foods.

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College Football

Week 14 Recap: One more second, please

2 Dec , 2013  


Well, at least Carey was right about SJSU upending Fresno St.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Let’s just dive right in to the big game and find out what kind of Igno Rant analysis can make sense of the wildest, wackiest Iron Bowls ever.

Special Guest this week: Ant Pruitt!


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College Football

Week 13 Recap: Contenders to Pretenders Edition

25 Nov , 2013  

1385281532000-USATSI-7574701Well, for all our hand-wringing each season about how many teams “deserve” to be in the MNC game, it almost always sorts itself out before the bowl selections are made.  This year is shaping up the same, as Oregon and Baylor called “uncle” in their respective campaigns.

Also in this podcast:

  • LSU, Mizzou, and Vandy continue to rock
  • Florida’s bid to with the FCS Southern conference takes a hit
  • Hot seat, top 4, and POTW + early Headsman contenders
  • Kickoff to Iron Bowl Hate Week!

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