College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 9 Recap: CFP Rush Hour

31 Oct , 2016  

The two-lane blacktop that serves as the only ingress to the College Football Playoffs — that suburban, gated community of college football’s top 1% — is suddenly in a bit of a traffic jam. Typically at this time of year, we wring our hands over the number of unbeaten teams still in contention.  And yet, even though BaylorWest VirginiaNebraska, and Boise State all had their first sad bus ride of the season… things seem even more confused than before.

Yes, we have THE BIG FOUR unbeatens (Bama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington). And if they win out, then this will be the easiest job the CFP Committee has had yet.  But…should one or more falter, we then start the process of determining the best one (or two) loss team(s) ready to step in.

Is it:

  • One loss Louisville (with a quality loss to Clemson) or Texas A&M (with a slightly less quality loss to Bama)?
  • One loss aOSU, with an eye scratching fall to Penn State? Florida, whose sole failure was to now-flailing Tennessee?
  • What about two-loss, but very hot, Wisconsin or Auburn?

We don’t discuss any of that crap in today’s episode, but we will get into civil engineering and traffic faux pas, so buckle up, listen, comment, and share!

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Weekly Recap

Week 7 recap: The Wild, Wild (SEC) West

19 Oct , 2015  

Outside of Leonard Fournette, no one in the SEC is who we thought they were. Inside of Leonard Fournette is a T-800, and it’s only a matter of time before the LSU running game becomes self-aware and initiates a nuclear strike on the entire U.S..

Who’d have thunk that after the halfway point:

  • Ole Miss would have beaten Bama and lost to Memphis?
  • Florida would have been the marquee game for LSU to this point, and in control of the East?
  • Auburn would be feeling hopeful after a 3-point win over Kentucky?
  • Bama’s secondary would be winning them games against spread offenses?

Such is life. Such is college football. Come spend a few minutes in Igno Rant land as we recap all this and more!

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Week 4 Pickcast: The previewiest of previews

25 Sep , 2015  

Autumn is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than with the pumpkin-spice latte drinkers of the podcast kingdom: us! We’re seemingly everywhere and just darn obnoxious. Get your Friday fix as Carey and Jeremy give you their picks for all the weekend’s best action!

You’ll also hear awesome references to fork lifts, asteroids, Meghan Trainor, and Rihanna all here!

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