Week 10 Pickcast: the weekend of the stereotypes

6 Nov , 2015  

This is a big one, y’all, and it could turn out to be the weekend that solidifies all the artificial storylines we like about football:

  • Can Mark Richt do just enough to hang on one more year?
  • Will Clemson be able to avoid Clemsoning?
  • Auburn or Texas A&M: which team can redeem a season of disappointment?
  • LSU vs. Alabama is once again the Game of the Year (in the SEC, at least)


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Weekly Recap

Week 6 Recap: Getting drunk on Sunday morning edition

12 Oct , 2015  

Look, we know life can be rough in major college football. Expectations are high, fans are mean, and everyone wants to avoid Clemsoning Richting a game. ¬†Still, you should probably show up for practice on Sunday, especially if you’re the head coach. ¬†Even Chizik and Dubose did that much.

  • Introducing the new “Richt-er Scale” to measure how badly a team performs in relation to its expectations.
  • USC(w) scores high on the Richt-er Scale early in the season
  • Texas players win one for Charlie Strong; South Carolina players put Spurrier closer to retirement
  • Dabo singles Igno Rants out for word choice
  • Bama vs. Arkansas recap

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