Week 4 Pickcast: The previewiest of previews

25 Sep , 2015  

Autumn is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than with the pumpkin-spice latte drinkers of the podcast kingdom: us! We’re seemingly everywhere and just darn obnoxious. Get your Friday fix as Carey and Jeremy give you their picks for all the weekend’s best action!

You’ll also hear awesome references to fork lifts, asteroids, Meghan Trainor, and Rihanna all here!

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Championship Week Pickcast: Sit down, Big XII

5 Dec , 2014   Video

All the real conferences — you know, those who have the correct number of teams based on their conference name, and who don’t try to fool people with ads to convince them not having a championship games is a good thing — are having their champions crowned this weekend! Carey & Jeremy take you through all the big-time action, including three major upset picks!

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College Football

Championship Games Recap: Things fall into place

9 Dec , 2013  


Missouri thought they were ready to graduate from the bunny slopes of the ski resort we call the S-E-C, but instead saw the avalanche of rushing that is Tre Mason and the Auburn offensive line.

As Jerry Reed so aptly put it, when you’re hot, you’re hot.  And Auburn is en fuego at the moment: needing two miracle finishes against UGA and Bama, plus a Michigan State victory to make it to Pasadena, that’s exactly what happened.

We’ll tell you exactly how the weekend’s games shook out, plus take a look at:

  • Coaches on the hot seat
  • Our top 4 teams
  • Player of the week
  • Plus, we nominate our five candidates for the ultimate award in college football: the Headsman.

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College Football

Week 13 Recap: Contenders to Pretenders Edition

25 Nov , 2013  

1385281532000-USATSI-7574701Well, for all our hand-wringing each season about how many teams “deserve” to be in the MNC game, it almost always sorts itself out before the bowl selections are made.  This year is shaping up the same, as Oregon and Baylor called “uncle” in their respective campaigns.

Also in this podcast:

  • LSU, Mizzou, and Vandy continue to rock
  • Florida’s bid to with the FCS Southern conference takes a hit
  • Hot seat, top 4, and POTW + early Headsman contenders
  • Kickoff to Iron Bowl Hate Week!

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