Weekly Recap

Week 5 Recap: Better late than nev… Ah, heck, whatever. The SEC sucks.

4 Oct , 2017  

This flaming wagon of suck comes with a huge buyout!

With each new season, the college football talking heads like to jabber on about how we’re always surprised by the sport. Maybe it’s not so much of a surprise so much as an inevitability — like when you’re having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, and then that one cousin wants to talk about his moral stance on veganism — but the SEC has turned into a not-very-good conference overall.

Let’s face it: LSU, both Mississippi teams, Tennessee, SC, Vandy, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas A&M would make a decent replacement for the old Big East conference, in terms of skill, coaching, and current expectations.

At least we have Alabama & Auburn blowout wins to keep us warm and comfy.

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