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Igno Rants on College Gameday

23 Nov , 2016   Video

Here at the Igno Rants on College Football, each day is special….but football Saturdays are more specialer.  Watching this YouTube video would make this Thanksgiving holiday the very most specialist.  So as we inch closer to the Iron Bowl, let’s take an inside look at they guys on game days.

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College Football

The Ignorant Barners: Week 1

10 Sep , 2016  


Sometimes you just can’t get enough Auburn talk, amiright?  The Ignorant Barners is a spinoff podcast for Auburn fans who just haven’t had enough ignorant talk from the Igno Rants on CFB.  Join Jeremy, Scott, Pip, and Flippo as they rant and rave about all things Auburn on a weekly show that can normally catch on a Wednesday night lifestream show on YouTube.

This weeks show:

  • Gus the Not-so-much offensive mastermind
  • Seriously, 3 Quarterbacks?
  • That defense tho
  • Arkansas State preview

Click here to listen via Soundcloud:  The Ignorant Barners: Week 1


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College Football

Hugh Freeze Blindsided By Investigation

26 Aug , 2016  

By: Bill Bennett

The NCAA has been investigating claims that Coach Freeze, his staff and Ole Miss for several thousand recruiting violations for over a decade. This includes paying recruits. Today they announced the investigation is expanding to include players who took the money, women and gifts from Freeze and shopped them to other programs, including Auburn and Mississippi State.
One Auburn player told our team that “Coach Freeze gave me a couple of thou, a bitch for the night and some toys for each of my seven kids.” He went on to say, “Coach Gus gave me a couple of thou, a hand job, a red Corvette and hooked me up with a dentist so I could get a Cam Newton smile with my gold teeth.” I asked him if this deal was enough to make him an Auburn Tiger. ” I called Coach Freeze and told him what Auburn was giving me. He countered with a used Camaro and a guaranteed cameo in Blind Side 2 if they were to make it. That’s why I am an Auburn Tiger.”
Coach Freeze has declared his character, which means everything to him after fame, fortune, his mistress, and Swiss Bank Account, is being unfairly attacked. Micheal Oher, who gets 10% of Freezes Ole Miss salary for staying silent, “Come on. The dude was a crappy High School coach and rode my fat ass to Oxford.”
The NCAA has promised a decision in this investigation no later than 2025.

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Weekly Recap

Week 1 recap: Take timeout to rejoice!

6 Sep , 2015  

Good luck with that tackle...

Good luck with that tackle…

One weekend of college football in the books, and there are lots of reasons to rejoice. Less so if you’re Stanford, Nebraska, or Penn State, and you might have to just lean on that “W” if you’re a Barner.

Carey & Jeremy take you through the weekend’s best (and worst) and lay it all out for you in small, simple words (cause those are the one’s we can pronunciate).


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College Football

Recapping SEC Media Days (for Auburn fans)

16 Jul , 2015  



With the official start to the College Football season unofficially underway, SEC media days is drawing to a close. As always there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. Like does Brett Bielema wear a shirt under his wind breaker, or what is Nick Saban’s opinions on height requirements at Six Flags. Sadly these hot topic questions will have to wait until next year. So lets talk about the stock questions that basically every coach was asked.


Day 1

Day one gave us SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, Gus Malzahn, Jim McElwain, and Derek Mason. Greg Sankey rambled on for an hour about Bob Dylan songs and his twitter account so for your sake lets skip past him.

Gus Malzahn was the first coach to speak at Media Days this year. As always in interviews he stayed calm and collected, trying to keep it hidden that he too knows that the Auburn Tigers are probably the best team in college football. However to every Auburn fan’s delight he did take some jabs at other coaches in the league saying  “even coaches that complained about up-tempo are starting to use it in their offenses too.”  This of course was a direct jab at the little man in Tuscaloosa.

After Gus was finished and most the reporters went back to the hotel, there were still two coaches left to go. But lets be honest who really cares about teams from the east anyways.


Day 2

Day two was an uneventful day. The main highlights being that the Head Ball Coach has not yet retired and that they have so much depth that he brought his kicker.  Dan Mullin, a.k.a. Cousin Eddie, was sporting Adidas tennis shoes to go along with his “swag”.


Day 3

Then finally on day three after the SEC network acquired a step stool from the local Wal-Mart,  Nick Saban took the stage.  As always Nick Saban tried to make excuses for his team.  His reasoning behind losing to OSU was of course the draft deadline. He stated this his team was not focused because they were distracted by deciding on whether to declare for the NFL draft or not.  Afterwards,  he  went back to his old favorite go-to gripe of badmouthing up-tempo offenses.

As day three trickled to a close, we saw two more teams from the East that nobody cares about.  The mystery of Coach Bert’s shirt goes unanswered once again.


Day 4

Day 4 was just as uneventful as the rest. Closing out the week was UGA, Ole Miss, and LSU. After that the always accurate media made its predictions of how the SEC will pan out, because let be honest what would a SEC show be without some way-too-early predictions?

Auburn as expected was picked to win the SEC championship, and  UGA picked to win the East….. and wait for it…..Alabama to win the West. How could that happen you might ask?  My guess is that the media just gave it to them because when it’s all said and done,  Alabama would have just claimed  the title anyways.

So now that #SECMD15 are over and the population of Hoover, Alabama dwindles back to normal, we are smacked in the face with the reality that college football is still almost 2 months away. So as we creep closer to the actual start of college football, and catch up on the reruns of every game from last year,  we are still left with two burning questions:  Does Brett Bielema wear t-shirts under his windbreaker,  and will Nick Saban’s new platform Nike’s be broken in before September?



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Let’s hear some rants people

4 Nov , 2013  

Oregon vs Stanford and Oklahoma vs Baylor starts Thursday. Then we get Alabama vs LSU and Auburn vs Tennessee on Saturday. Let’s hear what you think about any or all of these games or any others for that matter. Tweet at us @IgnoRantTalk , post a comment on our Facebook page, post in the comment section below, or best of all, call the RANTLINE: 26 26 0RANT1. That’s a real phone number folks. We’ll mention your picks in the show!

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BREAKING NEWS: Swinging-Gate….Gate

30 Oct , 2013  


***Updates will be provided as fast as they come in***

All we know at this point is the Barn cheats.  Bottom line.  This time, it’s with game film.  Apparently they have chosen to only provide a closer-in angle of a two point conversion formation (that they have ran all season long) for Brett Bielema and the Razorbacks to study.  This does NOT provide enough detail for Arkansas to properly dissect such a complex alignment.  Obviously the Coach thinks the game will come down to that extra point.

That’s only half the fun though! It seems that the only violation as of yet is that Coach Bielema discussed this with the media.  Ooops! It’s obviously all part of his master plan though.   Bielema has been on a crusade to save the lives of college football players nationwide who are dying weekly at the hands of the overly physical hurry-up offenses run by the likes of The Barn’s infamous Gustvo Malzahn.  We salute him in his attempts to do anything and everything within his power to distract the Cheatin’ Tigers and their evil coach from killing even one more innocent CFB player.

Hopefully the SEC and the NCAA will step in and help break apart this deadly combination forming on The Plains between the Evil Genius and his talented but diabolical minions.  Something must be done….in a hurry.

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Y’all spread the word now, ya hear?

28 Oct , 2013  

social-media-buttonsIf you like The IgnoRants on College Football Podcasts, which is a stretch, share the links on Facebook or retweet to all those friends of yours. You can listen to our podcasts on the website, or search us on itunes and subscribe, then you can download and listen while in church, during class, at a wedding, or cutting the grass. You can also call and leave a rant at 26 26 0Rant1 and it just might make it on the show. If google+ is your thing, you can also add us to your circles. Now there’s no excuse for you or your friends to be non-ignor..a..ted.

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What If……?

17 Oct , 2013  

If…..IF Auburn somehow pulls out the win on Saturday, they will improve to 6-1. Given the fact they’re playing FAU the following week it’s safe to say they would go on to be 7-1. Auburn would suddenly become big time favorites over Arkansas and Tennessee. It’s easy to believe they could win both those games and then be…..9-1.
If Georgia continues playing the way they have, Auburn would then be favorites in that game as well. 10-1?
AND THEN……hosting Alabama in Jordan-Hare. This season has already turned out much better than national pundits have predicted, but could Auburn be on the brink of finishing the season in the top 10? Just food for thought.

Can Auburn go beyond the "rebuilding season" and finish in the top 10?

Can Auburn go beyond the “rebuilding season” and finish in the top 10?

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