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Week 9 Recap: Time to undermine

27 Oct , 2014   Video

It was a good week for both Bama and Auburn, playoff-wise, as they both advanced with the dubyas and got a little help from LSU. Not that we’re going to let each other feel good about it. Listen to our snarkiest podcast yet, as we recap:

  • Auburn’s near-death experience against the Voodoo Poultry
  • Bama’s convincing win over the second-most impressive team without a conference win
  • Our theory on karma, fumbles, and Dr. Bo INTs.

Plus a surprise coach on the hotseat, not-so-surprising Top 4, and the coveted POTW!

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Week 9 Picks: Orange you blue?

24 Oct , 2014  

It’s a slow weekend of CFB, so we decided to liven things up a bit:

  • Jeremy brought in a sho-nuff football genius in WarRoomEagle to talk the ins and outs of Auburn’s offense so far this year. Want to hear the full conversation? Listen on Soundcloud!
  • Carey brought in a Tennessee grad to the show, so he can feel football superior. Unfortunately for him, Megan was having none of that.


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College Football

Hurry Up, No Huddle

20 Sep , 2013  

Our first podcast!  Well, shit.  There goes the neighborhood.  On Auburn’s loss to LSU and Bama’s ugly win, plus a whole bunch o’ rabbit trails.


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