College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 2 Recap: We got those week-in-and-week-out doldrums already

11 Sep , 2017  

Stop me if you heard this one recently: Alabama handled an overmatched team easily, but looked sloppy doing it. Auburn, filled with expectations, failed to put together a coherent offensive performance even while its defense looked good. A ho-hum Saturday for Bama and what’s become more of the same for Auburn has this Igno Rants podcast wondering: what’s left to talk about?

Thankfully, UGA, Oklahoma, Lamar Jackson (with Louisville in tow), and Southern Cal did some interesting things!

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 2 Pickcast: Batten down the hatches, y’all

8 Sep , 2017  

It looks like most of our audience will be directly under the baleful gaze of Irma this weekend and through the start of next week. Be safe, be smart everyone! And by that I mean get everything ready today so you can enjoy the quality football games on Saturday!

Jeremy & Carey break down the weekend’s matchups with Fresno St. and Clemson, and give their picks. ¬†Who do you like in this weekend’s big games?

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