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2016 Awards Watchlist: The Sauced-up Award

13 Jul , 2016  

To kick off the 2016 season, we’re introducing a slough of awards for the year — and with them, our preseason watchlist for each.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest!

Alcoholism is no joke, y’all. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, please call the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Hotline (800) 729-6686, or contact your local AA chapter.

This week, we look at coaches who — by dint of stress or personality — might succumb to the lure of Lady Liquor and stroll the sidelines while sloshed.

The Steve Sarkesian Sauced-Up Award


Our pre-season watchlist includes:

Les Miles (LSU) — From awkward interviews to outright madness in clock management, Lester never ceases to amaze. Maybe he’s a genius or maybe he’s just intoxicated, but he’s as close to a sure thing for this award as they come.

bill-musWill Muschamp (USC East) — If there’s one thing the 2015 Iron Bowl taught us, it’s that Billy is one (perceived) bad call away from jumping over the Cliffs of Insanity. Add to that the inherent difficulties of following the HBC at South Carolina, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster sauce.

partridgeCharlie Partridge (FAU) — Let’s count the strikes against the dude: (1) It’s in Florida, (2) the Owls have a history of coaches with drug-related incidents, and (3) the man is bested only by Muschamp for Resting Angry Face.

Who are your preseason favs to win the inaugural Sauced-Up Award ? Tell us over a beer you bought, leave us a comment here, or on social media. Catch all of our 2016 awards watchlists, and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to nominate your favorite players!


Weekly Recap

Week 3 Recap: Sugary Hangover Edition

15 Sep , 2014  

While Alabama handled that perennial mid-major contender Southern Miss with ease, several teams struggled mightily with their single-serving dessert teams in Week 3.  Most notably:

  • Auburn failed to gain 3,000,000 yards running with their best-in-history offense against AAC bottom-dweller BYE
  • The Virginia Tech Chokies were upended by a team that once fired Skip Holtz.
  • The Boys of Troi lost their nerve against Boston College, a team that once had that good year under that one guy who went to NC State and got fired for not doing more with Russell Wilson, et al.
  • The Brew Ins were almost defeated by a team that was so bad last year they actually, finally got rid of Mack Brown last year
  • Florida needed three…THREE overtimes to put away the SEC’s token basketball team.

And — let’s face it — the SEC East standings is the most ridiculous mess this side of an Adrian Peterson Facebook discussion.

Listen to all that, and more, in this week’s recap!

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