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Top 5 Bama plays (since I’ve been paying attention)

26 Nov , 2013  

In honor of Iron Bowl Week, here’s my list of top-5 Bama plays, since I’ve been paying attention (circa 1988).

Number 5: Tyrone Prothro Catch

I’ve seen similar catches since this one, but like Roger Bannister, Prothro deserves special recognition for being the first. It’s the kind of individual effort that pushes the bounds of credibility.

Number 4: Marcel Dareus Shovel Pass INT + TD

This is a fantastic play by Dareus, who had a monster game overall, especially when he shoves QB Gilbert to the ground then puts the spin move on a would-be tackler before hitting the end zone.

Number 3: George Teague Strip

I thought about making this number one for a number of reasons.  First, it’s one of the most unbelievable plays I have ever seen.   And second, it’s from the first Bama championship I can remember.  It’s number three mostly because the play didn’t stand due to an Alabama infraction.  However, it really epitomized the way the Bama defense made a mockery of the much-hyped Miami team.

Number 2: Rocky Block

After being disappointed at the end of the 2008 season with back-to-back losses in the SECCG and Sugar Bowl, we were starting to believe again.  I watched this game in my basement while my folks were visiting. My dad and I made such a racket that everyone rushed to the basement to see who was injured.

Bonus: sad Kiffin.

Number 1: Antonio Langham Interception

ESPN did a documentary on this game called The Play That Changed College Football, in reference to this interception return.  Apart from all that, the reason it’s number one on my list is that this game was the first time I had ever seen an Alabama game in person.

Between that and all that was hanging on this game for the Tide, when Langham made that play I was hugging and jumping up and down with everybody in my section of Legion Field.

Skip to 3:18 in the video to see the play itself.

Honorable Mentions (in no order)

Eddie Lacy throws ND defender to the ground

This one is here mostly because it so captures the way Alabama had their way with Notre Dame in the 2012 Championship Game (even though Lacy only got 4 yards on the carry).

Trent Richardson jukes Ole Miss tackler

What’s not to love about this? Richardson should have been a contender for the Heisman.

TJ Yeldon screen to beat LSU

Sure, we lost to A&M the next week, but this was a big play for getting the boys back to the title game in 2012.

Shaun Alexander run in OT to beat Gators

It’s a fantastic run by Alexander, but really, the entire overtime theatrics are amazing.  My good friend Tracy was working retail at the time, and I was narrating the whole overtime mess to him by phone.  Bama crushed Florida when they met a second time in the SECCG that year.

Upchurch game winning catch against the Barn (2009)

Amazingly, only one play against Auburn in the whole list.  This was a fun one, though, in part because I watched with the family (several of whom have turned to the dark side).  Jeremy refused to be in the same house with me for the next Iron Bowl.

College Football

Week 13 Recap: Contenders to Pretenders Edition

25 Nov , 2013  

1385281532000-USATSI-7574701Well, for all our hand-wringing each season about how many teams “deserve” to be in the MNC game, it almost always sorts itself out before the bowl selections are made.  This year is shaping up the same, as Oregon and Baylor called “uncle” in their respective campaigns.

Also in this podcast:

  • LSU, Mizzou, and Vandy continue to rock
  • Florida’s bid to with the FCS Southern conference takes a hit
  • Hot seat, top 4, and POTW + early Headsman contenders
  • Kickoff to Iron Bowl Hate Week!

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College Football

Week 12 Recap: It’s NOT a hail mary

19 Nov , 2013  

Oh look, it’s a free touchdown.  Sweet.

Auburn-Beats-Georgia-220x130This week’s podcast is late, we admit it.  We had an Igno-Rant kid in the operating room Sunday night, and forgot to get the recap out to you.

The kid is doing fine.  This podcast, though, is as bad as ever.

This week, we discuss

  • the Miracle at Jordan-Hare
  • Sloppy times in Starkville (this could also be the title of a lost 80’s John Cusack movie)
  • Top 25 action, including an upset pick apiece correct!
  • Hot seat, Top 4, and POTW
  • EPIC Eli Gold vs. Ron Bramblett throw-down!

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College Football

Week 11: It’s a great day!

11 Nov , 2013  

happy sabanAh, what a great weekend of football.  Carey and Jeremy go through all the week’s action, including:

  • Auburn hits 9 wins (but the coaches still like Clemson better),
  • Bama manages to blow by LSU despite having a defective Saban model,
  • Oregon and Miami slip up,
  • Vanderbilt (!),
  • New and revised hot seats and top 4!

College Football

Week 10 recap: Everybody wins! (Take a seat, Miami)

4 Nov , 2013  

Well, another weekend went by and things pretty much turned out the way we expected.  If only ObamaCare were so predictable (Zing! Pow!).

Still, there’s plenty for you to listen to and disagree with, as Jeremy and Carey dissect the weekend’s action:

  • Auburn hands Bert a big ol’ handful of STFU and a fake injury
  • Projecting Auburn’s chances of making the big game
  • Our favorite kids show serenades the FAU Owls!

College Football

Week 9 Recap: Where’s the excitement at?

28 Oct , 2013  

alabama-tennessee-victory-cigars-570x379Except for one outstanding SEC game, it was pretty much dullsville this past weekend.  There’s still plenty to discuss on the podcast, though, including:

  • The new SEC East breakdown
  • Updated top 4 teams
  • An old standby for the hotseat
  • Plus, a special musical guest!

College Football

Bonus blown prediction: It’s in the bag, baby.

14 Oct , 2013  

An alert (or at least not not comatose) listener pointed out that Jeremy has a bold prediction from last week that’s worth revisiting:


College Football

Week 7 Podcast: All goes as expected

14 Oct , 2013  

It was a week late, but we finally got our upsets. Jeremy and Carey break down all the games of interest, including Bama and Auburn, plus a big ol’ argument about Auburn’s chances next week at aTm.


  • A special celebrity guest visits the show
  • Some singing
  • New sponsors!

College Football

Success breeds misery…

13 Oct , 2013  

Well, Auburn cracked the Top-25 thanks to some transitive-property evaluations of their 1 quality win (Ole Miss).  In typical Auburn fashion, they immediately launch into their persecution complex mode:


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College Football

Dye-abolical: Racist, Sexist, or Just Plain Sensible?

8 Oct , 2013  

IMG_1106Seems Pat Dye is up to his old drunken self still.  Wait, he didn’t say anything racist or sexist?  You say he only made a point that Rice shouldn’t have been nominated to the Bowl Selection Committee because she’s never so much as played a down of football?  The heck you say? More…

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