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Best of Igno Rants 2013 – Part the first

6 Jun , 2014  

I’m-the-bestBy popular demand, we’ve collected our favorite bits and pieces of our 2013 season and included them for you in one easy-to-digest serving! We’ll have a second part for you next week which highlights all the stuff we made up for the show, including the ads, fake callers, and everyone’s favorite: the songs.


College Football

More offseason chatter

30 May , 2014  

Jerm and Carey discuss win/loss records for their SEC divisional contenders, as well as how the RB situation will shake out at Bama and Auburn.

Links from this week’s podcast:

Plus, we gots a poll!

College Football

The SEC Chose Right: Marquee Game over 9th Conference Game

21 May , 2014  

downloadMost major conferences are moving to,  or are already playing a schedule of 9 conference games.  The SEC is not one of those.  Thankfully.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all good news.  The way its set up now, a team will play all 6 divisional games, plus 2 games from the other division, one being the “rival game”.  That means it will be YEARS between games (at home) with an out-of-division opponent.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is the SEC is requiring teams to play at least one marquee game with a team from another major conference starting in 2016.  Most teams have already started this trend, i.e. Alabama vs Virginia Tech and West Virginia, Auburn vs. Washington State, Kansas State.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see some interesting non-conference match-ups than one more conference game.  Remember the Alabama vs Oklahoma, Auburn vs USC games?  Who wouldn’t like a little sweet revenge on those?

With the playoff system going into effect, a loss isn’t quite what it would have been in the BCS era.  Scheduling these types of opponents shouldn’t be too much of a concern for top-tier teams of the SEC.  Sure we look bad when Oregon stomps a mudhole on Tennessee, but whatever, its still interesting football that we don’t have to wait until Bowl Season to watch.  This way we get them sprinkled throughout the season. I’m a fan.   So that begs the question….what match-ups would you want to see most?  

College Football

The doldrums edition

19 May , 2014  

johnnyfballAh the college football offseason. Now that recruiting is done, the NFL draft is over, and we’re still 3 hot, sweaty months away from the start of the next season, there’s not much going on. Leaving bloggers and pundits to worry and argue about whether Auburn “claimed” additional titles or merely had an intern go wild copy and pasting from Wikipedia.

We know you’re bored. We understand your desire for quality football talk.  We hope you listen to us anyway!

In this episode:

  • 2014 recruiting
  • Position issues
  • NFL Draft
  • Way too early predictions for the season

College Football

New Podcasts Coming Soon!

13 May , 2014  


Ok so we’re not very consistent with the offseason podcasts…we’re trying to change that around here. We’ve got tons of things to catch up on from signing day through spring practice and now the NFL draft.

Who are you most excited about signing with your team? Who will be the underrated guy that steps up? Who gets immediate playing time? Who will be a bust? What did you think of the draft selections? Give us your questions or comments. Reply back to us using the comment section below, Facebook, Twitter, or using the RantLine. Oh yeah and stay tuned for the Holy Grail of Podcasts….The Best of IgnoRants, coming soon!


College Football

NCAA to Possibly Fix it’s Stupidity

12 Feb , 2014  

At least one of the stupid rules in college football might be on it’s way out. The NCAA has proposed to take out the 15 yard penalty for targeting if the replay officials overturn the targeting call. That’s right, it didn’t make much sense last year to have a penalty called on your team for targeting, then the replay official overturn the call on the field, yet have the 15 yard penalty remain. I mean WTH?

Who’s idea was it to leave the penalty even if the call was overturned? I can see the penalty staying in cases of an actual penalty being called along with targeting like say a late hit out of bounds and the ref also called for targeting. The targeting might be overturned but the late hit of course stands. That makes perfect sense. But in cases of just a targeting call I have no clue how it was made sense to leave the penalty even after the call was overturned. It was a dumb move to have it in the first place but at least they are in the process of fixing it.

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College Football

Championship Monday

6 Jan , 2014  

It’s that time of the year: we’re ready to crown a new champion in the final year of the BCS. Your Igno Rant hosts take a look back at the bowl season that was, and break down the big ‘un.

College Football

New Podcast: Headsman Award + Bowl Predictions

28 Dec , 2013  

Heisman_TrophyThank goodness we had Christmas to look forward to, because the early slate of bowl games were boooooring!  That’s why your Igno Rant hosts, in their infinite wisdom (and finite scheduling skills) waited until now to share their bowl predictions.

Plus, we announce the winner of the 1st Annual Headsman Award!

College Football

Championship Games Recap: Things fall into place

9 Dec , 2013  


Missouri thought they were ready to graduate from the bunny slopes of the ski resort we call the S-E-C, but instead saw the avalanche of rushing that is Tre Mason and the Auburn offensive line.

As Jerry Reed so aptly put it, when you’re hot, you’re hot.  And Auburn is en fuego at the moment: needing two miracle finishes against UGA and Bama, plus a Michigan State victory to make it to Pasadena, that’s exactly what happened.

We’ll tell you exactly how the weekend’s games shook out, plus take a look at:

  • Coaches on the hot seat
  • Our top 4 teams
  • Player of the week
  • Plus, we nominate our five candidates for the ultimate award in college football: the Headsman.

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College Football

Week 14 Recap: One more second, please

2 Dec , 2013  


Well, at least Carey was right about SJSU upending Fresno St.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Let’s just dive right in to the big game and find out what kind of Igno Rant analysis can make sense of the wildest, wackiest Iron Bowls ever.

Special Guest this week: Ant Pruitt!


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