Week 7 Pickcast: Too much Igno Rants will rot your brain, son

13 Oct , 2017  

Much like those prescription pain killers your Aunt Bertha got hooked on back in ’87 — remember she nearly killed Big Jimmy and Lil’ Ray taking them out inner tubing on the power lines behind her F-250? — Igno Rants can be habit-forming. That’s why we occasionally pull back the dosage a bit.

Not to fret, though. Your beloved Igno Rant hosts are back to tell you exactly how not to think about this weekend’s upcoming games! To make things up to you, we’ve picked not one, but TWO GIGANTIC BOLD PREDICTIONS!


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Week 6 Pickcast: Up is down, left is right… DOGS AND CATS GETTING ALONG!

6 Oct , 2017  

The sheer weirdness of 2017 college football is a sure sign of the Apocalypse. But not a fiery Armageddon, no, if 5 weeks of this insanity has taught us anything, it’s that the world will end because all the things that we used to count on — gravity, the rising and setting of the sun, Cam Newton will be involved in another controversy — will suddenly stop being true.

At least a few things have been consistent this year:

  • the dominance of Alabama and Clemson,
  • Florida can wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, walk out the door, and accidentally step in a pile of 9 wins,
  • Thursday night games are usually pretty entertaining.

You know what else is entertaining? This podcast! Listen, share, & subscribe!

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Week 5 Pickcast: One at a time outta be enough for any man

29 Sep , 2017  

With 1/3 of the season in the books, Igno Rants has hit mid-season form. Unfortunately, the slate of games for this weekend has not as arguably the best of the bunch starts at 10:30 ET on Friday night. There’s still much to discuss, carry on about, and general ballyhoo so crank up the ol’ podcast Victrola and settle in for a listen.

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Week 3 Pickcast: Forward Progress (or lack thereof)

15 Sep , 2017  

While the Gus Bus tries to stop devolving into an Oregon Trail disaster of misery and dysentery, Auburn gets a week of cupcake delights against Mercer. Likewise, Alabama tries to get healthy hosting the Rams of Colorado State.


Luckily, there’s some exciting action going on outside the Magnolia State. Check out Carey & Jeremy’s wishes for Bama and Auburn, plus their picks on Tenn/Fla, Louisville/Clemson, LSU/MSST, and Texas/USC!

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Week 2 Pickcast: Batten down the hatches, y’all

8 Sep , 2017  

It looks like most of our audience will be directly under the baleful gaze of Irma this weekend and through the start of next week. Be safe, be smart everyone! And by that I mean get everything ready today so you can enjoy the quality football games on Saturday!

Jeremy & Carey break down the weekend’s matchups with Fresno St. and Clemson, and give their picks.  Who do you like in this weekend’s big games?

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WEEK 1 PICKCAST: Bama vs. FSU, Auburn vs. expectations

1 Sep , 2017  

It’s finally GAME WEEK for the 2017 season (for games that don’t involved koala bears), and we couldn’t be more excited! Jeremy & Carey talk about the Auburn and Alabama teams, what you can expect from each this year, and introduce some exciting new characters for the season, including the suave and sexy Chittlin’ Z!


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2016 Bowled Predictions

30 Dec , 2016  

Don’t let bad bowl predictions rain on your parade, listen to the experts at Igno Rants tell you exactly how not to choose the winner!  Listen and share this week’s podcast.

Also, be sure to check out our newest sponsor, Jerlene, the auto-maided (mobile) home assistant for country folk. We’d shore appresheate a FUNNY vote on the video.

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Championship Week Pickcast: Howling at the moon

2 Dec , 2016  

Look, y’all. We’re going to be straight with you.  There are some good games (on paper) scheduled for this weekend, but not the SEC Championship Game. This isn’t 2008/2009 when the Bama/Florida matchup effectively was the semifinal.   More…

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25 Nov , 2016  

It’s Rivalry Week, y’all, so we left it all on the podcast table this episode! Tune in, and send us your thoughts via the website or Twitter!


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Week 12 Pickcast: All games are equal, but some are more equal than others

18 Nov , 2016  

We’ve reached the long, dull Sunday afternoon of college football: that time when you know Monday is around the corner, it’s technically still the weekend, but there’s nothing good on TV and frankly everyone feels like taking a nap because they overate at the post-church trip to Bonanza.

That’s right, it’s cupcake tune-up week.  Except for you, LSU/Florida. This is a Sugar Bowl play-in, potentially.  Outside of that makeup game, though… WOOF!

Still, big thanks to Louisville for getting the weekend started off on a fun note, though!