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The Week 11 Pickcast is unclenching in stages

11 Nov , 2016  

We’re in the back quartile of the regular season, and the pressure is building for many teams. Will they let all that pent-up anxiety out in one ignominious game like Texas A&M, or will they have the constitution to ride the toilet for the long haul?  That sentence will make much more sense after you’ve listened to this week’s GLORIOUS podcast, with special insight (it’s good, it’s so good you’re gonna love it, but we’re not gonna tell you what it is, but it’s tremendous) on:

  • Washington / USC
  • LSU / Arkansas
  • Bama / Miss St
  • Auburn / Georgia

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 10 Pickcast: Off track

4 Nov , 2016  

Year Three of the College Football Playoffs isn’t going according to our historic script. We should be wringing our hands over the large number of undefeateds still in play.  Instead, we’re left with a Saturday in November that won’t add much to the muddled picture of one-loss (and two-loss?) teams in the first CFP top 10.

Though the Bama/LSU promises to be an interesting matchup, what else is going on this weekend that compelling viewing? Certainly not the Suicide Squad extended version Blu-Ray.

Let’s figure all that out together, shall we? Listen to this week’s podcast, leave us a comment online, and share with your friends & neighbors!

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Week 9 Pickcast: Letting the rest of the league have a turn

28 Oct , 2016  

While we’re not ready to say there aren’t any good games in the SEC this weekend, with Bama on a BYE week, Florida looking stale, and Ole Miss / Georgia tanking like General Patton — it’s on Auburn to be the conference standard-bearer.

Top 25 games around the nation include:

  • Washington State / Utah
  • Nebraska / Wisconsin
  • West By Gawd / Okie State
  • Clemson / Florida State

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Week 8 Pickcast: Low down on the showdown in the West

21 Oct , 2016  

It’s high noon in the dusty streets of the SEC West.  The cowbellers are busy watching, terrified, from the seedy apothecary as the bad hombres of Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss step out for college football’s version of gunfight at the OK Corral.

Jeremy & Carey make some BOLD, BOLD predictions this week, nearly making up for their long drought.  I mean, this is the muddy cactus whisky of bold predictions: strong, cheap, and liable to make you look stupid.

Check it all out in the podcast; and don’t forget to comment and share!

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Week 7 Pickcast: A whole lotta hate to go around

14 Oct , 2016   Video

The LSU/Florida lovers’ spat threatened to overshadow Tennessee Hate Week, but here we are at the Third Saturday in October. Outside of this game, there’s a couple of other top-25 matchups with OSU/Wisconsin and Ole Miss/Arkansas.

Listen to the boys make ’em their picks!

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Week 6 Pickcast: Hurri-can’t keep a good team down

7 Oct , 2016  

Best wishes to all the fans in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew — stay safe and dry!  Not all games have been ruined by weather though: The Red River Shootout has been done in by the fact that no one cares (due to the Big XII sucking and all).

Has Mark Richted the ship in Miami?  Which story of redemption wins the day: Tennessee or Kevin Sumlin? And can Auburn get a second coach fired by notching a 2nd SEC victory?

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The Week 5 Pickcast is truncated… like Blake Barnett’s career

30 Sep , 2016  

There are some great looking games slated for this weekend, but honestly they’re all outside of the SEC. Still, Jeremy & Carey manage to meet their quote of asinine analysis and vapid vocalizations.

We pick:

  • Stanford/Washington
  • Louisville/Clemson
  • Wisconsin/Michigan
  • Tennessee/UGA
  • ULM/Auburn
  • Kentucky/Bama

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Week 4 Pickcast: There are no moral victories now

23 Sep , 2016  

SEC play is up and running in full mode now. The time for moral victories is past; it’s put up or shut up (and get fired). We’ll find out a lot about who’s the real deal this week, as Jeremy and Carey make their  picks for:

  • Wisconsin/Michigan State
  • UGA/Ole Miss
  • Texas A&M / Arkansas
  • Auburn / LSU
  • (Bama / Kent State vs. the spread)

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Week 3 Pickcast: Let’s be honest here

16 Sep , 2016  

After week 2, a lot of teams were still riding high from wins they maybe shouldn’t have been excited about (we’re looking at you, Georgia).  Bama won by 28 and was embarrassed. Auburn beat Ark St. and everybody was swooning like a member of Team Edward at a Twilight convention.

Week 3 is upon us, and some of the wheat will be separated from the shaft.  Shaft, right? Listen to Jeremy and Carey go through all the week’s big games and give your their unique perspective.

  • Michigan State and Notre Dame
  • ECU and South Carolina
  • An Ohio State University and Big Game Bob
  • FSU and Papa John’s University
  • Louisiana State and the State of Mississippi
  • Kevin Sumlin vs Gus Malzahn
  • Ole Miss vs. DESTINY

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Week 2 Pickcast: Deep breath and MEH-xhale

9 Sep , 2016  

After the Almighty and Glorious Five Days that was Opening Weekend, we’ve settled into a bit of a “good game” funk. There are a few watchable games (apart from our favorite teams’ thrashing of lesser opponents). Grab a cold one and set a spell while we give you the breakdown for Week 2.  Including:

  • The Battle at Brist-all-the-way-over-yonder
  • Ugly animal showdown
  • The Toppers and Wolves of Red come to the Magnolia State.

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