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The Week 5 Pickcast is truncated… like Blake Barnett’s career

30 Sep , 2016  

There are some great looking games slated for this weekend, but honestly they’re all outside of the SEC. Still, Jeremy & Carey manage to meet their quote of asinine analysis and vapid vocalizations.

We pick:

  • Stanford/Washington
  • Louisville/Clemson
  • Wisconsin/Michigan
  • Tennessee/UGA
  • ULM/Auburn
  • Kentucky/Bama

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 4 Pickcast: There are no moral victories now

23 Sep , 2016  

SEC play is up and running in full mode now. The time for moral victories is past; it’s put up or shut up (and get fired). We’ll find out a lot about who’s the real deal this week, as Jeremy and Carey make their  picks for:

  • Wisconsin/Michigan State
  • UGA/Ole Miss
  • Texas A&M / Arkansas
  • Auburn / LSU
  • (Bama / Kent State vs. the spread)

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 3 Pickcast: Let’s be honest here

16 Sep , 2016  

After week 2, a lot of teams were still riding high from wins they maybe shouldn’t have been excited about (we’re looking at you, Georgia).  Bama won by 28 and was embarrassed. Auburn beat Ark St. and everybody was swooning like a member of Team Edward at a Twilight convention.

Week 3 is upon us, and some of the wheat will be separated from the shaft.  Shaft, right? Listen to Jeremy and Carey go through all the week’s big games and give your their unique perspective.

  • Michigan State and Notre Dame
  • ECU and South Carolina
  • An Ohio State University and Big Game Bob
  • FSU and Papa John’s University
  • Louisiana State and the State of Mississippi
  • Kevin Sumlin vs Gus Malzahn
  • Ole Miss vs. DESTINY

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College Football,Pickcast

Week 2 Pickcast: Deep breath and MEH-xhale

9 Sep , 2016  

After the Almighty and Glorious Five Days that was Opening Weekend, we’ve settled into a bit of a “good game” funk. There are a few watchable games (apart from our favorite teams’ thrashing of lesser opponents). Grab a cold one and set a spell while we give you the breakdown for Week 2.  Including:

  • The Battle at Brist-all-the-way-over-yonder
  • Ugly animal showdown
  • The Toppers and Wolves of Red come to the Magnolia State.

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Championship Week Pickcast: May the Hoarse be With You

4 Dec , 2015  

There’s nothing better than breaking the ol’ wind pipes cheering your team on to a conference championship.  Which fans will be hoarse on Sunday morning, and which ones will be merely speechless? Find out as we pick not one but two bold upsets for the weekend!  Plus, a little motivation from Rudy…

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Week 13 Pickcast: over-stuffed, under thought RIVALRY WEEK edition

27 Nov , 2015   Video

It’s time: we can finally stop hating on all those places that are playing Christmas music (cause it’s legal as of today), we get to enjoy turkey biscuits for breakfast, and we finally get to see who gets bragging rights for the year (spoiler alert: Bama fans).

Want to know what the most important games of the weekend are? Of course you do! If you had any original thoughts, you wouldn’t bother listening to this podcast. We give you the lowdown on how enjoyable each game is going to be by comparing them to traditional Thanksgiving foods.

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Week 12 Pickcast: What happens at the Waffle House stays at the Waffle House

20 Nov , 2015  

This weekend’s slate of SEC games is about as high quality as the Waffle House coffee: it ain’t exactly good, but it’ll get the job done. Lucky for us, there are some excellent non-Dixieland contests for you to sup on.

Also, Jeremy phones it in this week from a Casio wireless phone purchased from 1990’s Radio Shack.

Also, if you like comedy (why would you, if you listen to us) and Waffle House culture, be sure to check out The Girl From Carolina web series.


Week 11 Pickcast: What’s in a name?

13 Nov , 2015  

We talk some football in this here pickcast, yes. Yes, we do.  We also have our most exciting trivia game yet: How Not to Name Your Team!

  • Missouri’s unfortunate timing using for their new jerseys
  • Stanford / Oregon
  • Baylor / Oklahoma
  • Florida / USC(e)
  • Bama / Miss St
  • Auburn / UGA

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Week 10 Pickcast: the weekend of the stereotypes

6 Nov , 2015  

This is a big one, y’all, and it could turn out to be the weekend that solidifies all the artificial storylines we like about football:

  • Can Mark Richt do just enough to hang on one more year?
  • Will Clemson be able to avoid Clemsoning?
  • Auburn or Texas A&M: which team can redeem a season of disappointment?
  • LSU vs. Alabama is once again the Game of the Year (in the SEC, at least)


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Week 9 pickcast: the devil’s in the details

30 Oct , 2015  

Happy FootBALL-OWEEN, everyone! It’s a quiet week in college football (at least, it looks to be that way), so you’ll have time to put the finishing touches on your Lady Gaga in Outer Space outfit this Saturday.  We’ll compare this weekend’s few interesting games to our favorite horror flicks, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Jeremy Johnson attempts a forward pass -- the stuff of Auburn fans' nightmares.

Jeremy Johnson attempts a forward pass — the stuff of Auburn fans’ nightmares.