Week 8 Picks: Hello. My name is Alabama. You put us on probation. Prepare to die.

23 Oct , 2015   Video

It’s the Third Saturday in October* which means it’s time for the annual Bama/Tennessee hate-fest to kick off. Not that those Orange is the new Camo hillbillies in Knoxville know how to make a rivalry game interesting, amirite?

In this podcast, we have:

  • Terribly inappropriate game metaphors
  • Princess Bride references
  • Actual football discussion of
    • Bama vs. UT
    • Auburn vs. Arky
    • A&M vs. Ole Miss, and
    • the Cubs of College Football vs. Miami.

Want to hear more of the Tennessee fans getting trolled? Check out the full post at Bama Hammer.



*Pay no attention to the actual calendar date, please

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Week 7 Picks: the distorted reality of college football

16 Oct , 2015  

We’re entering the final weekend of 2015’s first half, and my how things have changed! Florida was supposed to be rebuilding, but they weren’t, except now they are again. Two USC programs lost a head coach on the same day, and Michigan/Michigan State is a marquee game!  Whudathunk?

The only thing more distorted than Carey’s mic this week is Jeremy’s view of Rod Bramblett’s play-by-play chops.

And fare thee well, HBC. Football’s a lot less interesting without you in it.

Also, Carey, here’s a pro tip:



Week 6 Pickcast: Sensitive Saban and the Smokin’ Hot Wives Club

9 Oct , 2015  

If Thursday night’s upset is any indication, we may have another exciting weekend of topsy-turvy football ahead of us! In addition to picking the biggest games of the week, Carey & Jeremy discuss:

  • Jeremy’s official coach’s spouse crush (spoiler: it’s not Ms. Malzahn),
  • The history of lighting at the Big House,
  • Nick Saban: jerk or soft-hearted manipulator of the media, and
  • A very questionable QB race in Auburn!



Week 5 Pickcast: Full Fiber Breakfast edition

3 Oct , 2015  

No need to adjust your Rant-ennaes, dear listener, your podcast is running a little slow this week.  Like the Auburn Tigers with San Jose State, we need a little Metamucil to get the ol’ plumbing working again.  Be sure to grab your coffee and sit down with us this morning as we cover all the games you care about!


Week 4 Pickcast: The previewiest of previews

25 Sep , 2015  

Autumn is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than with the pumpkin-spice latte drinkers of the podcast kingdom: us! We’re seemingly everywhere and just darn obnoxious. Get your Friday fix as Carey and Jeremy give you their picks for all the weekend’s best action!

You’ll also hear awesome references to fork lifts, asteroids, Meghan Trainor, and Rihanna all here!

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Week 3 Pickcast: Big Games, Big Names, and a Big Guest!

17 Sep , 2015  

In addition to our regular picks this week, we welcome notable Auburn blogger WarRoomEagle (on Twitter and College & Magnolia) to talk to us about all the things wrong with the Tigers so far, and why they might not be too big of a deal moving forward.

In this episode, Jeremy and Carey make their picks on:

  • Auburn / LSU
  • Bama / Ole Miss
  • The definition of a barn burner
  • Pizza company rankings
  • “Stroker Ace”

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Week 2 Pickcast: Over/Under on Texas

10 Sep , 2015  

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but they must not be talking about the Longhorn’s offense. Jeremy gets a chance to play our new game Is it larger than Texas’s offense in this week’s podcast. In addition to that, you get to hear our picks for all the weekend’s best action, including Alabama and Auburn taking on traditional mid-mid-mid-to-lower-major powers Middle Tennessee State and Jacksonville State!

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Week 1 Pickcast: Stop dwelling in the past, Jeremy

4 Sep , 2015  

Get excited about the first weekend of college football, and simultaneously despondent about your life and podcast-listening choices! Your two Igno Rant hosts make their indefatigable weekly picks, while perusing their newly amassed Thesaurus collection.

  • UCLA / Virginia
  • Texas / Notre Dame
  • Ohio State / Virginia Tech
  • Arizona State / Texas A&M
  • UL Lafayette / Kentucky
  • Louisville / Auburn
  • Wisconsin / Alabama

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Autumn-atic! Football season is here.

31 Aug , 2015  

Forget the equinox — or actual kickoffs for that matter — the beginning of Fall and college football season begins with the first game picks of the year from your Igno Rant hosts. And we have two SEC games on opening night which have been prognosticated for you. In addition, we have:

  • Epic Picks on non-game events for this season, AND
  • An exclusive interview with Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban!

brady bunch

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Bowl Pickcast: Conspiracy Theories

27 Dec , 2014  

There’s a lot that goes into Igno Rant picks, not the least of which is shady back-room theorizing about the moon landing and JFK’s hideout in Sri Lanka. We do whatever it takes to get you the best. And by “best” we mean exactly what we would do anyhow.

Big picks and some big upset alerts on all the SEC and Playoff Bowls!