Week 10 Pickcast: Freaky Friday

31 Oct , 2014  

Well, there’s no Bama Ball™ on this weekend, so you’ll have to make do with a Top-4 (CFP Rankings) matchup between Auburn and Ole Miss.  Yawn.

What’s even scarier for this Halloween pickcast is how much Jeremy and Carey agreed on Auburn’s approach to this game, and how they see it turning out.


  • We briefly discuss some other games [insert exclamation points here to add excitement]
  • Upset picks (we were angry when we made ’em)

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Week 9 Picks: Orange you blue?

24 Oct , 2014  

It’s a slow weekend of CFB, so we decided to liven things up a bit:

  • Jeremy brought in a sho-nuff football genius in WarRoomEagle to talk the ins and outs of Auburn’s offense so far this year. Want to hear the full conversation? Listen on Soundcloud!
  • Carey brought in a Tennessee grad to the show, so he can feel football superior. Unfortunately for him, Megan was having none of that.


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Week 8 Picks: Will the real teams please stand up?

17 Oct , 2014  

We’re halfway through the season, and while there are somethings that are crystal clear (like Jameis Winston’s status as knucklehead of the year), there’s still a lot up in the air. Will Alabama finally gel, or will they fumble through the season? Are the Mississippi schools good enough to get to the Egg Bowl undefeated? How long will Larry Scott keep up his “we’ve got the toughest road” talk?

Plus, Jeremy turns the tables in this week’s Insane Quiz!

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Week 7 Picks: Return of the 1950’s

10 Oct , 2014  

After last weekend’s big games and big upsets, who can maintain the momentum? Who will rebound from unexpected losses? Who will flail around aimlessly like a UGA Compliance Officer? We answer none of these questions with a whole lot of predictions on:

  • The Barn and the Cowbells
  • The Turnover Machines at The Pig Sty
  • Dr. Bo against Kenny Shrill
  • Many more!

Plus, this week’s Insane Quiz takes us back to the golden 50’s!


Week 6 Pickcast: Roar!

3 Oct , 2014   Video

The First Seal of the SEC WESTermination has been broken! 5 unbeatens vie in 3 top-25 matchups. And, to celebrate those plucky Mississippi teams getting their shot at the big-time, ESPN is inviting Katy Perry to be the guest picker for College Gameday.  We’re going to hear them roar!

Get your Igno Rant game hat on and funnel-chug the worst analysis and picks this side of every Jesse Palmer game. We give you the lowest of lowdowns on



Week 5 Pickcast: All the crap that fits on TV

26 Sep , 2014  

Have a Coke and a Sell-Out™

Welcome to the BYE week of good football watching. You feasted on some great games in Week 4 and we can see some great matchups coming our way in Week 6. Think of this week as a chance to rest your eyeballs, and maybe do something with the missus. Take the kids to Six Flags.  Or, if you’re an Auburn fan, get a tetanus booster before you start clearing out the pit of old Busch cans at your mother-in-law’s.

This week, we pick:

  • Auburn vs. Oklahoma-by-proxy
  • Ugly Orange vs. Ugly Red
  • Fed-up Bert vs. Kenny Shrill
  • The Tertiary Tigers vs. the Cock o’ Games

Plus, Jeremy plays Football Player or DC Villain? in this week’s Insane Quiz.

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Week 3 Pickcast: Much Ado about Nothing

12 Sep , 2014  

It’s the third week of college football, right? So why does it have a pre-season feel to it? Very few games of note for the serious fan, excepting of course eventual-champion Alabama taking on Southern Miss. Perk up your Friday and get set for the weekend with our Week 3 Pickcast!

Plus, listen to Jeremy stumble and fumble around like an Auburn cornerback during this week’s Insane Quiz.

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Week 2 Pickcast: Cupcake Diabetes

5 Sep , 2014  

We hope you enjoyed the feast that was Week One of college football, because this weekend is slim pickins (not fun Blazing Saddles Pickens, either, but BJ and the Bear type Slim that you only watch because the corporate stooges at the networks wait until later and later in the fall before airing any new material, and — dadgumit — you’re just not going to spend THIS DAY trying to finish the last “Divergent” book).

Jeremy and Carey give you the lows-down on

  • Auburn/SJSU
  • Bama/FAU
  • USCw/Stanford
  • MSU/Oregon
  • A B1G Upset pick

BONUS: Play along with Jeremy in our new game, Know your SEC Cupcakes!

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Week 1 Pickcast is here, and it’s already tired of Kenny Hill

29 Aug , 2014  

Although we’re still recovering from ESPN and Brent Musburger’s love-fest over Texas A&M’s new quarterback, we did manage to put together some picks for this weekend’s games. Listen in, leave your predictions in the comments or on the Rant Line, and enjoy the footsballs!

We make our picks for:

  • Bama / West By Gawd Verginny
  • Auburn / Wooo Pig Berts
  • Clemson of the SEC / Actual Clemson
  • LSU / Wisconsin
  • Preemptive Players of the Week
  • Upsets of the Week