New Poll: Clock rule change, good or bad? You tell us!

14 Feb , 2014  



13 Feb , 2014  

We’ve got more news coming from the NCAA and this time they’re looking at slowing the game down. Yep. They try to fix one bad rule but then they look to create a new one. Apparently Lord Saban’s disgust for the up tempo offenses has been heard and noted.

A new proposal is in now to keep offenses from snapping the ball until 10 seconds have run off the 40 second clock. If a team snaps the ball early, a 5 yard penalty is enforced.

This is all supposedly being done for the sake of player safety. The idea is that more plays equals more injuries. Now I don’t know about y’all but that’s pretty absurd to me. How many plays per game does a player get injured on? So what’s adding 10-15 more plays? I’m curious to see the injury rate for up tempo teams versus traditional teams. I’m pretty sure this isn’t so much for injury as it is for traditionalist wanting to “protect the game”.

Like my good friend Scott Newman tweeted last night “Auburn had a WR injured in a game where it was raining so for player safety I propose that NO game be played unless conditions are perfect.”

The game is changing and frankly I’m a fan. It’s exciting. I love a good defensive game as much as the next fan, but I also love seeing teams move quicker. I can’t stand a slow game. A fast pace game can make a bad game seem just a little better.

Hey! It’s footbaw! People get hurt! Be tough!

–Jeremy Head


Crootin 2014 continued

5 Feb , 2014  

Signing day is all but over guys.  All eyes were on Rashaan Evans as he chose Alabama over Auburn.  His announcement seemed to be more of a shock to Tide fans than anyone, and his signature just added to what was already an incredible class.  That was pretty much it for the drama today.   No flips, no one backing out at the last minute, kind of lame if you ask me…

Alabama finished with the #1 class yet again,  paying off grabbing five 5-star recruits including #1 overall Da’Shawn Hand and #9 overall Marlon Humphrey.   Alabama went heavy on the big guys in the trenches, but still got plenty of skill players to boot.

Auburn finished #10 with three 5-star recruits of their own.  They were also able to keep Roc Thomas who made a late visit to Jacksonville State, now home of his former HS coach.  It’s cliche to say, but Auburn did fill the areas of need, namely WR, LB, DB.  The Tigers added #1 JUCO player overall D’haquille Williams (WR), and 5 star LB Tre Williams.

With both teams already at the top, keeping the coaching staffs mostly intact, and reloading with top recruiting classes, look for even more dominance in college football from the great state of Alabama.  Can the Iron Bowl get any better?


Crootin’ 2014

4 Feb , 2014  

Well hey there folks!  Remember us?  Your two favorite IgnoRant brothers?  We’ve given the dust time to settle from the 2013 College Football year, but it’s time now to dive back in and this time it’s to take a look at newest members joining our favorite teams.  These will hopefully be the names we’re gonna get to know and scream from the tops of our lungs for the next few  years.

As always, there’s usually going to be some signing day drama.  We all know it’s possible for one or two guys to flip to the rival on signing day.  Plus there’s usually some nice surprises that get added at last minute.  You never know what to expect.  Will Alabama finish #1?  Can Auburn hold on to Roc Thomas? And which team will land Rashaan Evans?  We’re going to find out tomorrow!

We won’t cover it up to the minute like all the other guys out there with all that energy (and a paycheck to do so), but you can be sure to find a good rant or two devoted to National Signing Day right here on Igno-Rants.com.  Make sure to read up on all our posts and get those questions and comments sent in to us in time for the podcast coming soon.



2013 Season Recap: Exactly as we all expected

14 Jan , 2014  

1389073524000-c01-newfinal-07Well, wasn’t that a hoot-n-a-holler?

Auburn did better than anyone expected and disappointed by being the first SEC team to lose a BCS Championship Game (excepting 2011 LSU, who played Bama).  Bama finished with 11 wins and endured much derision from the Auburn faithful.

Carey, Jeremy, and guest Scott talk FSU/Auburn, Kiffin to Tuscaloosa and more!


Lane Kiffin to be Bama OC

10 Jan , 2014  

It looks like Bama will be hiring Lane Kiffin to be OC at the Capstone.


Exactly what we said earlier in the year: Kiffin is not HC material, but he was (is) an outstanding offensive mind (pun intended).  Welcome home, brah.



NC Game: Rant Line check-in

6 Jan , 2014  

How is Jeremy holding up as his team tries to win a national championship? More importantly, will his fingernails survive the night?  Find out, as Jeremy will be checking in via the Igno Rantline.  You can too: just call 26-26-0-RANT-1


End of the Third


End of Q1


5 Reasons Auburn will lose the Title Game

30 Dec , 2013  

Since Jeremy went and published an entry full of lies and deception about how Auburn will win the national championship game this year, it became necessary for me to set the record straight and to correctly educate our dear fans in why Auburn will not win:

  1. Prior to the discovery of America by the Europeans, the Seminole nation hunted hawks and tigers across the entire region.  In fact, when Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida, he found that the tribe had invented Tiger Balm and took the first tins of the salve back to Spain. Unfortunately, the Tiger Balm went rancid on the long journey, causing Queen Isabela to become infertile, so she had the Spaniards destroy the entire population of Tigers in the New World.
  2. While “Gus” seems like a grand ol’ American name, his full name is something Gustav Malzahn. I even had to look up how to spell Malzahn in Google.  No one named “Gustav” will ever win a title in American Football, dammit.  Go back to Sweden, commie!
  3. The title game will be played in the Rose Bowl stadium.  There are no auburn-colored roses.
  4. Auburn has the “Gus Bus”.  Who drives buses for a living? Not the successful people, amiright? Florida State rides a freakin’ horse onto the field.  That’s serious business, there.
  5. Jameis Winston won the Heisman.  Do you know the last Heisman winner to play for the national championship? Cam Newton. Boom, mind blown.


5 Reasons Why Auburn Will Win the Title

30 Dec , 2013  

download (1)I’m sure I’ll go on and on about the National Championship Game but for now I just had a couple quick thoughts and wanted to hear your opinions.
Being the major league homer that I am, I believe Auburn will win the title and I have a few reasons why I believe that:

5. I don’t think FSU is as good as advertised. Oh heck yeah, FSU is good, but could they beat Alabama? Could the beat Mizzou? Texas A&M? What about ALL of them? I don’t think so. Ohio State showed us what an easy schedule can do for you until the time comes to play the big dogs.

4. Nick Marshall has lots of time to hone his skills and work on one game plan. He’s come light years since the Washington State game. This Auburn team is barely recognizable from the team that played that night and it’s mostly due to Nick Marshall becoming more comfortable with the offense and allowing his play making skills to take over. The long break should benefit him tremendously.

3. Gus Malzahn’s attention to detail. Malzahn has impressed me with his head coaching ability just as much as his x’s and o’s. When Auburn takes the field, whether it’s after a loss to LSU or after a big win (name one), the tigers are prepared to play. They are focused and have a plan. That’s just great coaching. Jimbo Fisher is a good one in his own rights, but Malzahn has that OCD thing about him that really sets him apart.

2. Auburn’s rushing attack. I’ve never witnessed such a punishing attack week after week. People game plan for it and call it one dimensional, but no one can stop it. FSU defense can be run on, much more so than say Alabama or Missouri. If Auburn had their way with those two teams, the best FSU can hope for is to slow it down and that’s not saying a whole lot. FSU has that deep threat that can score at any time from any point on the field, but give me the punishing, demoralizing, consistent rush attack.

1. Season of Greatness. Call it luck, destiny, blessed, favored, rigged, I don’t care, but there’s no denying there’s something very special about this 2013 Auburn team that no one gave a chance. They’re playing one last game to make the biggest statement a team can make. From 0-8 in the SEC to a possible National Title. That’s beyond impressive. That’s something legendary. WDE.


The Headsman Award Voting

10 Dec , 2013  

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