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Week 5 Recap: Better late than nev… Ah, heck, whatever. The SEC sucks.

4 Oct , 2017  

This flaming wagon of suck comes with a huge buyout!

With each new season, the college football talking heads like to jabber on about how we’re always surprised by the sport. Maybe it’s not so much of a surprise so much as an inevitability — like when you’re having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, and then that one cousin wants to talk about his moral stance on veganism — but the SEC has turned into a not-very-good conference overall.

Let’s face it: LSU, both Mississippi teams, Tennessee, SC, Vandy, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas A&M would make a decent replacement for the old Big East conference, in terms of skill, coaching, and current expectations.

At least we have Alabama & Auburn blowout wins to keep us warm and comfy.

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 4 Recap: Just friggin’ content with the world

25 Sep , 2017  

It was a week when too many of the big boys struggled to look mighty against inferior opponents. Not so with Auburn and Alabama (and, OK, Georgia too, we suppose). Both on the scoreboard and statistically, these teams thoroughly dominated their SEC foe — thereby pleasing both Carey & Jeremy.

Yes, yes, yes. We know who they are, Missouri and Vanderbilt. But a flawless gem is still flawless even if you find it in a pawn shop.

Plus, a new weekly thought puzzle: Who’s not “safe” as an SEC Head Coach?

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Week 3 Recap: The Eternal Sunshine (Pumping) of the Stats-Oriented Mind

18 Sep , 2017  

Like the inevitable, next sequel in the Fast & Furious franchise, week 3 was all hype and very little substance. True, we had some surprise games thanks to Texas and Memphis (?!), but there was a lot of deflation going on.

More to the point, how do you compare performances against non-Power 5 teams? Is it the quality of the stats line, despite what the scoreboard says? Or are the PF/PA columns the only ones that really matter?

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Week 2 Recap: We got those week-in-and-week-out doldrums already

11 Sep , 2017  

Stop me if you heard this one recently: Alabama handled an overmatched team easily, but looked sloppy doing it. Auburn, filled with expectations, failed to put together a coherent offensive performance even while its defense looked good. A ho-hum Saturday for Bama and what’s become more of the same for Auburn has this Igno Rants podcast wondering: what’s left to talk about?

Thankfully, UGA, Oklahoma, Lamar Jackson (with Louisville in tow), and Southern Cal did some interesting things!

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Week 1 Recap: Ain’t no 34 point lead like an Aggie 34 point lead

7 Sep , 2017  

Whelp, after week one we still have 50% of CFB teams among the ranks of the unbeaten. Queue the mass hysteria for how to pick the Top 4!

Already in mid-season form, Jeremy waxes excitedly about the fabulous upsides of Auburn’s big win over Georgia Southern, while Carey laments the many miscues in Bama’s victory over FSU.

We also have our first coach on the Hot Seat (you get three guesses who and the first two guesses don’t count, as Papa Igno Rant always says).

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Bowl Recap: White out, Butt hurt, Buckeyes goose egg

5 Jan , 2017  

There were a lot of games we thought would be good, but weren’t (Clemson/Ohio State, Auburn/Oklahoma, LSU/Louisville). And some that were unexpectedly good (USC/Penn State, Idaho/Colorado State).

And then there was Brent Musburger lauding, then defending, then backpedaling over Oklahoma’s Mixon.

Your two Igno Rant hosts talk all the bowl action, plus recap the Bama and Auburn games!

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College Football,Weekly Recap

Championship Week Recap: Lowering the boom goes the dynamite

5 Dec , 2016  

Thank you, Clemson, for not putting you overmatched opponent away.  Thank you, B1G, for not having Ohio State in your title game.  Both of those were great games.  The SECCG, on the other hand…

Jeremy & Carey recap all the action, plus attempt to discover controversy in the CFP rankings.

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Rivalry Week (a.k.a., Bama wins again) Recap

28 Nov , 2016  

Somebody was feeling pretty smug about most of his Iron Bowl prediction (we’ll chalk his 30-point margin up to an excess of cheap Thanksgiving port). There’s so much to talk about, from Auburn’s inability to stop the Tide, to Alabama’s unforced errors, to Auburn’s biggest injury being coaching temperament.

Join us for a podcast of joy and excitement!

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Week 12 Recap: If firing you is Strong (I don’t wanna be right)

21 Nov , 2016  

If Carey and Jeremy are arguing whether a 16-10 LSU/Florida game or Pac-12 game Colorado won by 14 was the most interesting game of the week… then it’s probably the traditional lull before the storm of Rivalry Week!

Check out our recap from this weekend’s games, and then gird up for some Iron Bowl Hatin’! Send us your best (or worst) rivalry jokes, puns, curses, traditions, etc.  We promise instant karma for your team for each submission!

To get the creative juices flowing, here’s some traditional limericks (with totally accurate meter):

A certain player on the bayou who got pushy before game, then got pushed in-game:

Ol’ Lenny F. in the pregame started coach shovin’,
But was slowed like a Chick-Fil-A lunch drive in,
It really must smart,
Bless his poor heart,
That each year post-Bama he loses Heisman lovin’.

On the fate of a certain Lone Star coach:

There once was a team down in Austin,
Courted Saban as coach but he crossed ’em,
Their hiring seemed Strong,
But now everything’s wrong,
So Texas is preparing to toss him.

And, to kick off Rivalry Week:

We are ready now for some Iron Bowlin’,
Each team looking t’wards a high goal and,
Whether the Tide do win,
Or Auburn luck kicks in,
We’re both glad we don’t have Dan Mullen.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Cleveland.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Cleveland.

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Week 11 Recap: Whelp. So that happened…

14 Nov , 2016  

This is why we love college football. And why we drink ourselves into needing an artificial liver because of college football. What more can we say? It’s all in the podcast audio (above).

  • Clemson and Michigan still control their own destiny (probably), but Ohio State may have gotten screwed with the Michigan loss.
  • Washington, Louisville, Oklahoma all holding their breath and hoping for a wild finish to the season.
  • Bama clinches the SEC West and also finds out that Jalen Hurts can actually pass the ball.
  • Auburn’s coaching on offense is as mind-bending as a Christopher Nolan marathon.

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