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Week 2 Recap: Stop beating on Johnson

13 Sep , 2015  

Jeremy Johnson, QB, Auburn

In this file photo, Johnson appears fully erect. No word on the cause of his poor ball handling to date.

Just another week in college football, according to some. Nothing to see here, move along.  For the most part, the teams that were supposed to make it to the other side, did. Not all made it unscathed, however.

Jeremy and Carey break it down like a particle board table after a church potluck, with in-depth analysis on all the big games this past weekend, plus:

  • Should Auburn bench Jeremy Johnson if he comes out poorly against LSU?
  • Will Alabama ever make a field goal again?
  • Our players of the week, and
  • A very controversial hot seat prediction!

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Weekly Recap

Week 1 recap: Take timeout to rejoice!

6 Sep , 2015  

Good luck with that tackle...

Good luck with that tackle…

One weekend of college football in the books, and there are lots of reasons to rejoice. Less so if you’re Stanford, Nebraska, or Penn State, and you might have to just lean on that “W” if you’re a Barner.

Carey & Jeremy take you through the weekend’s best (and worst) and lay it all out for you in small, simple words (cause those are the one’s we can pronunciate).


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Weekly Recap

Championship Week Recap: Mouthin’ Off

8 Dec , 2014  

Statements were made all across the playoff landscape this past weekend, and the latest episode of Igno Rants will take you through it all:

  • Ohio State let everyone know we had been undervaluing their team all year, and also that Urban Meyer is a pretty decent coach.
  • Oregon left a horse’s head in Rich Rodriguez’s bed, exacting some potent revenge for the Duck’s only loss on the season
  • Alabama sent a message to all the fans and sportswriters who had been so ready to declare the dynasty over.

And while Florida State, TCU, and Baylor all had significant wins (I’m being gracious here, Iowa State fans), perhaps the biggest statement of all was made by the Big XII Conference Commish, Bob Bowlsby:

“‘One True Champion’ is really about everybody playing everybody. That’s the right way to do it. We believe that playing everyone every year is the right way to determine a champion, even if ends in a tie.”

How’d that work out for ya, Bob? You TWO TRUE CHAMPIONS both got shown the way to the “other bowl games of note” category.  Congratulations on continuing a long, proud tradition of screwing up in the Big XII.


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Weekly Recap

Iron Bowl Recap: 22 minutes of domination

1 Dec , 2014  

Down by twelve after 35 minutes of game time, Blake Sims pulled out his can o’ spinach and turned the formerly-hapless Tide into a team that finally played like national title contenders, thoroughly dominating Auburn for the next 22:22 of the third and fourth quarters.

Details inside, plus:

  • Agreement on Nick Marshall’s stellar performance
  • Disagreement on who gets the blame/credit for Auburn’s red-zone woes
  • The Great Garbage Time Debate of 2014


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Weekly Recap

Week 13 Recap: Sugar Hangover and Iron Bowl Hate Week Kickoff

24 Nov , 2014  

Well, we manage to make it through yet another podcast, this time face-to-face across Jeremy’s kitchen table. Despite the disappointing nature of this weekend’s games, we’re pretty stoked about the start of Iron Bowl Week.

Be sure to send us your best jokes, riffs, and rants via Twitter, Facebook, on the website, or the Rant Line (26-26-0-RANT-1)!

Weekly Recap

Week 12 Recap: Sounds of a Sad Song

17 Nov , 2014  

There was a whole mess a’hurtin’ going on around college football this weekend, including:

  • Mississippi State’s finding out what it feels like to be a loser today.
  • Auburn on the receiving end of 16 tons (in the form of Chubb and Gurley) and what did they get? Another SEC loss and deeper in depression.
  • Jeremy Foley told Muschamp what he could do with his coaching job.
  • Miami tried, but you just can’t take down those boys livin’ like hustlers.

Also big laughs pointed toward Arizona State for taking on Oregon’s yearly choke, Notre Dame for proving all the haters correct, and TCU for nearly giving Kansas a reason to hope.

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Weekly Recap

Week 11 Recap: Karma’s a butt-fumble to lose you the game

10 Nov , 2014  

A lot of strange things happened this weekend:

But even more strange is this:

But the strangest by far is that you’ve found your way to Igno Rants on College Football’s website.  You might as well listen to our podcast, now.

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Weekly Recap

Week 10 Recap: Luck of the draw

4 Nov , 2014   Video

Jeremy makes an excellent point in this here podcast, that lucky breaks occur all throughout a game, and just because one happened near the end of a close game doesn’t mean the team that one did so by luck.

That is a very well-reasoned and articulate point.

I would like to counter with:



This week’s podcast features:

  • How the Greatest Team Ever™ Thoroughly Beat the Snot Out of Ole Miss in a Blowout Win
  • Arkansas wins the “Most Improved Without Actually Improving” Award
  • Play Like a Mus-Champ Today
  • Spurrier’s press conference was 54 seconds long, which is exactly how long this season SC was any good
  • Our Top 4, PoTW, Hot Seats

Plus Election Day campaign ads for our favorite college coaches!

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Weekly Recap

Week 9 Recap: Time to undermine

27 Oct , 2014   Video

It was a good week for both Bama and Auburn, playoff-wise, as they both advanced with the dubyas and got a little help from LSU. Not that we’re going to let each other feel good about it. Listen to our snarkiest podcast yet, as we recap:

  • Auburn’s near-death experience against the Voodoo Poultry
  • Bama’s convincing win over the second-most impressive team without a conference win
  • Our theory on karma, fumbles, and Dr. Bo INTs.

Plus a surprise coach on the hotseat, not-so-surprising Top 4, and the coveted POTW!

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Weekly Recap

The Most Impressive Podcast……EVER

20 Oct , 2014  

imagesCheck out college football’s recap of week 8 where Carey attempts to over-inflate the win over a mediocre Texas A&M team…and listen to Jeremy heckle the whole way through because there was nothing better to do since Auburn had the week off.