Weekly Recap

Week 7 Recap: Le Sigh.

13 Oct , 2014  

The French have a word: ennui. The dictionary says it means “a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.” This must be what it’s like to be a dedicated Vanderbilt fan, or one of those people who truly enjoys basketball season.

In any event, we dedicate this episode to you, French people, with your crazy black-and-white striped shirts and crazy words.  This week, we discuss:

  • Bama’s win that felt more like a loss
  • Auburn’s loss that felt like a worse loss
  • Some other games, I guess, that might have happened.  whatever.  Maybe Judge Judy is on…

Weekly Recap

Week 6 Recap: Peaking at the right time

6 Oct , 2014  

Good for you, State of Mississippi. Something for y’all to hang your hat on for the next 50 years, I guess. Anyhow, college football keeps on being its own peculiar brand of crazy, which is why it’s better than the NFL.

Jeremy and Carey break down all the action and give you the instant (that is, recorded) analysis you need to look incredibly stupid in front of your friends. Guaranteed.

  • The Barn over those Cajuns
  • Bama loses to Katy Perry
  • A&M brings down the entire SEC East with a loss to Miss St
  • Lots of other action (and non-action in the case of Tennessee and Florida)!

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Weekly Recap

Week 4 Recap: The Mental Mistakes Edition

22 Sep , 2014  

Thank you, Jameis Winston. You started the week off with stupid antics, which caught on like wildfire. Mental breakdowns turned out to be harder to shake than Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.

HA! Now we’ve trapped you. In order to get that dadgum song out of your head, listen to the podcast as Jeremy and Carey dedicate an 80’s hair band ballad to each of the games we reviewed. Plus, Jeremy actually sang Dak Prescott’s praises (sort of).

  • Auburn was at their most Auburn of the season so far, monopolizing all the luck (if not the officiating)
  • Bama had both their least Bama half (3 turnovers in the first) and most Bama half (dominating both lines in the second)
  • Clemson had the most Clemson game ever
  • Mississippi State was about as un-Mississippi as you can get

Plus, hot-seat coaches…our top four…and the prized Player of the Week!

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Weekly Recap

Week 3 Recap: Sugary Hangover Edition

15 Sep , 2014  

While Alabama handled that perennial mid-major contender Southern Miss with ease, several teams struggled mightily with their single-serving dessert teams in Week 3.  Most notably:

  • Auburn failed to gain 3,000,000 yards running with their best-in-history offense against AAC bottom-dweller BYE
  • The Virginia Tech Chokies were upended by a team that once fired Skip Holtz.
  • The Boys of Troi lost their nerve against Boston College, a team that once had that good year under that one guy who went to NC State and got fired for not doing more with Russell Wilson, et al.
  • The Brew Ins were almost defeated by a team that was so bad last year they actually, finally got rid of Mack Brown last year
  • Florida needed three…THREE overtimes to put away the SEC’s token basketball team.

And — let’s face it — the SEC East standings is the most ridiculous mess this side of an Adrian Peterson Facebook discussion.

Listen to all that, and more, in this week’s recap!

Featured image courtesy http://lightlybuzzed.com/

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Weekly Recap

Week 2 Recap: the heavy breathing edition

8 Sep , 2014  

Ah, cupcakes. There’s nothing like a grossly overmatched opponent to really get you excited about [INSERT YOUR TEAM HERE]. That is, unless your team happens to be South Carolina or Nebraska. Sorry, fellas.

In celebration of Jeremy’s wedding anniversary on Sunday, we recorded this podcast after midnight on Saturday, and it’s obvious in the audio quality. For that we apologize. The quality of the analysis is also horrible, but that’s your own fault. After all, fool you twice…


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Weekly Recap

Week 1 Recap: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

2 Sep , 2014  


  • Florida State
  • Perception of Alabama against West By Gawd
  • First-half Auburn defense


  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin’s OC in the 4th quarter
  • First 45-minutes Bo Wallace (a.k.a., foreplay Bo)
  • Heisman-hopeful QBs (Winston, Hundley)


  • Unexpected QBs (Bobby Hill at Texas A&M, “Big Johnson” at Auburn)
  • “Final Fifteen” Bo Wallace (a.k.a., climax Bo)
  • All things Gurley