Weekly Recap

Week 1 Recap: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

2 Sep , 2014  


  • Florida State
  • Perception of Alabama against West By Gawd
  • First-half Auburn defense


  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin’s OC in the 4th quarter
  • First 45-minutes Bo Wallace (a.k.a., foreplay Bo)
  • Heisman-hopeful QBs (Winston, Hundley)


  • Unexpected QBs (Bobby Hill at Texas A&M, “Big Johnson” at Auburn)
  • “Final Fifteen” Bo Wallace (a.k.a., climax Bo)
  • All things Gurley

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2 Responses

  1. Elder-rant says:

    Just a couple of comments about the weekend past. First, and I hate to agree with Lou Holtz, it’s too early to tell much about how good or bad a team may be. We can tell how well they executed on both sides of the ball. Time will tell the level of the opponents. Second, I am extremely disappointed in the level of disipline demonstrated by Gus with regard to marijuana use. It matters not if he’s a candidate for the Heisman or running for president of the United S…no that’s not a good comparison. It just didn’t seem right. Lastly, Georgia’s up 45-21 with under a minute to play (in the Red Zone) and not taking a knee. Just ain’t right! That’s all.

    • Carey says:

      As much as I hate to agree with Jeremy, Newto…I mean, Marshall wasn’t arrested. He got a citation for suspected residue. Half a game seems reasonable to me. Not that I think Newto…I mean, Marshall is likely an upstanding citizen. But Newto…I mean, Marshall didn’t get caught.

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