Week 10 Pickcast: the weekend of the stereotypes

6 Nov , 2015  

This is a big one, y’all, and it could turn out to be the weekend that solidifies all the artificial storylines we like about football:

  • Can Mark Richt do just enough to hang on one more year?
  • Will Clemson be able to avoid Clemsoning?
  • Auburn or Texas A&M: which team can redeem a season of disappointment?
  • LSU vs. Alabama is once again the Game of the Year (in the SEC, at least)


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One Response

  1. Ant Pruitt says:

    We have to win against FSU, but do NOT count out South Carolina as we play them on the road.

    Also, Do not count out Wake as they’ve slapped us in the face historically. Heck that’s how we got Coach Swinney as our head coach. Not to mention, whatever happens in the other division if we happen to make it to the ACC championship game. What the heck got into UNC this year????

    One week at a time, gentlemen. Hoping for the best in Clemson this weekend. More rain on deck.

    -RAP, II

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