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Week 12 Recap: It’s NOT a hail mary

19 Nov , 2013  

Oh look, it’s a free touchdown.  Sweet.

Auburn-Beats-Georgia-220x130This week’s podcast is late, we admit it.  We had an Igno-Rant kid in the operating room Sunday night, and forgot to get the recap out to you.

The kid is doing fine.  This podcast, though, is as bad as ever.

This week, we discuss

  • the Miracle at Jordan-Hare
  • Sloppy times in Starkville (this could also be the title of a lost 80’s John Cusack movie)
  • Top 25 action, including an upset pick apiece correct!
  • Hot seat, Top 4, and POTW
  • EPIC Eli Gold vs. Ron Bramblett throw-down!

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