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Week 2 Recap: Stop beating on Johnson

13 Sep , 2015  

Jeremy Johnson, QB, Auburn

In this file photo, Johnson appears fully erect. No word on the cause of his poor ball handling to date.

Just another week in college football, according to some. Nothing to see here, move along.  For the most part, the teams that were supposed to make it to the other side, did. Not all made it unscathed, however.

Jeremy and Carey break it down like a particle board table after a church potluck, with in-depth analysis on all the big games this past weekend, plus:

  • Should Auburn bench Jeremy Johnson if he comes out poorly against LSU?
  • Will Alabama ever make a field goal again?
  • Our players of the week, and
  • A very controversial hot seat prediction!

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  1. Ant Pruitt says:


    I’ll be in UL Thursday, btw.

    -RAP, II

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