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Week 3 Pickcast: Let’s be honest here

16 Sep , 2016  

After week 2, a lot of teams were still riding high from wins they maybe shouldn’t have been excited about (we’re looking at you, Georgia).  Bama won by 28 and was embarrassed. Auburn beat Ark St. and everybody was swooning like a member of Team Edward at a Twilight convention.

Week 3 is upon us, and some of the wheat will be separated from the shaft.  Shaft, right? Listen to Jeremy and Carey go through all the week’s big games and give your their unique perspective.

  • Michigan State and Notre Dame
  • ECU and South Carolina
  • An Ohio State University and Big Game Bob
  • FSU and Papa John’s University
  • Louisiana State and the State of Mississippi
  • Kevin Sumlin vs Gus Malzahn
  • Ole Miss vs. DESTINY

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