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Week 3 Recap: Sugary Hangover Edition

15 Sep , 2014  

While Alabama handled that perennial mid-major contender Southern Miss with ease, several teams struggled mightily with their single-serving dessert teams in Week 3.  Most notably:

  • Auburn failed to gain 3,000,000 yards running with their best-in-history offense against AAC bottom-dweller BYE
  • The Virginia Tech Chokies were upended by a team that once fired Skip Holtz.
  • The Boys of Troi lost their nerve against Boston College, a team that once had that good year under that one guy who went to NC State and got fired for not doing more with Russell Wilson, et al.
  • The Brew Ins were almost defeated by a team that was so bad last year they actually, finally got rid of Mack Brown last year
  • Florida needed three…THREE overtimes to put away the SEC’s token basketball team.

And — let’s face it — the SEC East standings is the most ridiculous mess this side of an Adrian Peterson Facebook discussion.

Listen to all that, and more, in this week’s recap!

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