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Week 4 Recap: The Mental Mistakes Edition

22 Sep , 2014  

Thank you, Jameis Winston. You started the week off with stupid antics, which caught on like wildfire. Mental breakdowns turned out to be harder to shake than Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.

HA! Now we’ve trapped you. In order to get that dadgum song out of your head, listen to the podcast as Jeremy and Carey dedicate an 80’s hair band ballad to each of the games we reviewed. Plus, Jeremy actually sang Dak Prescott’s praises (sort of).

  • Auburn was at their most Auburn of the season so far, monopolizing all the luck (if not the officiating)
  • Bama had both their least Bama half (3 turnovers in the first) and most Bama half (dominating both lines in the second)
  • Clemson had the most Clemson game ever
  • Mississippi State was about as un-Mississippi as you can get

Plus, hot-seat coaches…our top four…and the prized Player of the Week!

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