Week 5 Pickcast: All the crap that fits on TV

26 Sep , 2014  

Have a Coke and a Sell-Out™

Welcome to the BYE week of good football watching. You feasted on some great games in Week 4 and we can see some great matchups coming our way in Week 6. Think of this week as a chance to rest your eyeballs, and maybe do something with the missus. Take the kids to Six Flags.  Or, if you’re an Auburn fan, get a tetanus booster before you start clearing out the pit of old Busch cans at your mother-in-law’s.

This week, we pick:

  • Auburn vs. Oklahoma-by-proxy
  • Ugly Orange vs. Ugly Red
  • Fed-up Bert vs. Kenny Shrill
  • The Tertiary Tigers vs. the Cock o’ Games

Plus, Jeremy plays Football Player or DC Villain? in this week’s Insane Quiz.

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2 Responses

  1. Elder-Rant says:

    Georgia 45 Tennessee 21
    Texas A&M 49 Arkansas 38
    Auburn 52 La Tech 10
    Missouri 31 South Carolina 27 “BOLD PREDICTION”

  2. Jeremy says:

    Well there’s a bold prediction that actually happened. Go dad!

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